Razer Gaming Accessories

Bought the left-handed (yes, I’m sinister!) Death Adder twice – once for each computer. Great, love it! Very comfortable, very responsive!

If you’re a leftie, buy it!
(Should I add that I bought it new for $39 at the “big A” in 2011? Maybe not!)

I always love when Razer peripherals pop up on here, but not all of them are as big a steal as you may think. For example the Taipan (BF4 Edition) comes out to $38 after tax and shipping, the same item, except new, not factory reconditioned, comes out to $41 on amazon, if you have prime or use their free shipping option. So for an extra three dollars you can have a 100% new model. Some of these give you an okay deal, but I wouldn’t throw my money away too quickly.

Wish the Nostromo was here mine just died on me last night. and wont be updating cause Synapse 2.0 is crap.

Anyone have any recommendations on a replacement?

Purchased a BlackWidow Ultimate Mechanical last time they were offered and like it enough that I’m buying two more to replace the other keyboards in my office. Very responsive keyboard, really like that you can program the macro keys to do what you want with them. Only thing I didn’t care for at first is the key are very “clicky” but I’m getting used to it.
I had also picked up an Anansi MMO Gaming Keyboard at the same time but ended up giving that one away- didn’t care for the key response- too “springy” for my liking

I use the Orochi every day – usually cabled, but sometimes I unplug; it still tracks well when connected via bluetooth.

Also, I should find modern drivers for my Nostromo. I have the old Belkin version!

I know I’m going to sound like an old fart, but…

12 side buttons? Really? Do people really need that many? In my day …

A warning to those who wish to purchase the Mako speakers. I had mine for about 3 years before they started producing a repetitive clicking noise, rather than the inputted sound. This occurred even when the speakers were not plugged into any input. I attempted for months to get some sort of service done on them, but no one was able to figure out the issue. Finally, in contacting Razer, I was led in circles about getting a replacement part until I finally just gave up.

I know 3 years is not a short period of time, but for $400 speakers (at the time), I expected some longevity.

for everyone commenting on the nostromo: razer put this out to pasture last year and replaced it with the orbweaver and the tartarus.

tartarus being membrane keys, and orbweaver being the razer MX green keys. orbweaver also has 4 rows of keys, where the tartarus has 3.

also: nostromo isnt supported with synapse 2.0, so there arent “new” drivers for it.

I had the same Mako system for roughly three years as well before something failed resulting in that issue. The speakers themselves were functional, and I sold them for parts at about $30/piece to recoup some of the cost. I want to say it cost $300 for me.

Here’s the short of it. They sound amazing. If I knew I would get another three years, I’d gladly put down the money. My concern is that these have been out of sale for a LONG time. That means these refurbs weren’t manufactured recently, at best they were recent repairs. What other components inside are several years old on the verge of failure, and you won’t have much warranty to go with it.

All that said, I’m really torn. I’ve got some harman/kardon soundsticks that I really like, but I preferred the Mako.

Mad catz

I love their stuff. I used to be a Razer fan, but I’ve seen the light and converted!

So I brought the Razer Tiamat a few days ago and recieved the Razer Chimaera 5.1, Please be aware that if you brought the Razer tiamat that you might be receving the Razer Chimaera 5.1 by mistake. I hope that I can get my situation resolved soon :frowning:

I love how the Battlefield 4 Taipan is cheaper than the regular one.

Also the Taipan is a great mouse

I ordered the refurbished Naga Epic last night for a whopping $90.94 after shipping and tax without doing my regular price check with Amazon.

Amazon carries the same mouse BRAND NEW for $96.29. Now to see if Woot will cancel my order before it ships. :frowning:

I also recieved the Razer Chimera 5.1 which i’m not too upset because its definitely suppose to be a better quality headset.

So I bought the Razer blackwidow mechanical keyboard. Now two weeks later I’m finding out that woot can’t fulfill the order. Much frustration. Got a refund but I would’ve much rather had they keyboard. Thanks woot… Not.

I’m sorry. :frowning: