Razer Gaming Accessories

I can’t speak for the other items, but the Anansi keyboard is $3 cheaper over at Newegg with free shipping.

It’s also worth noting that they aren’t “mechanical” keyboards. Some people are really insistent on that for their gaming keyboards.

You can get a cheap mechanical keyboard from newegg ebay for 50 bucks free ship not MX Cherry but, I am surprised this doesn’t have mechanical with the 100 dollar pricetag(when it first came out)

So you had a single wireless naga epic, 2 naga hex, and only 4 wired naga epics. Thanks for posting woot…

Leftover stock from previous sales. Every Naga deserves a home!

so then please be the better people and give them a proper home woot staff…

Bought a Naga Hex refurbished from here about a year ago. Takes some getting used to but still works perfectly. Totally worth it.