Razer Gaming Accessories

Razer Gaming Accessories

The Lancehead mouse sells for $23.99 at Walmart, $34.99 from best buy. Here is the latest post from SlickDeals with it for $34.99 or you can use www.BrickSeek.com to search local walmart for cheaper prices. Make sure to sort by “price” so you can see whats cheapest. https://slickdeals.net/f/13103989-razer-lancehead-tournament-edition-wired-optical-gaming-mouse-with-chroma-lighting-gunmetal-gray-34-99
You can get the Razer Chroma

Razer Ornate keyboard : https://slickdeals.net/f/13040698-razer-ornata-chroma-keyboard-49-walmart-b-m $49 walmart

Razer blackwindow : https://slickdeals.net/f/12990859-razer-blackwidow-ultimate-2016-mechanical-gaming-keyboard-rfb-45-newegg $45 newegg

https://slickdeals.net/f/12857521-razer-blackwidow-ultimate-clicky-backlit-mechanical-gaming-keyboard-fully-programmable-cherry-mx-blue-switches-54-99-fs Black widow ultimate 54.99 walmart

I suggest waiting for Walmart to have it for 1/3rd the price like they do with all of Razer products.

As for the actual Woot deal, Bundle comes with Razer BlackWidow X Chroma and Razer LanceHead TE both in white. Mouse cost 34.99 online, so you’re paying $90 for the keyboard. So no point in buying the bundle if you just wanted the keyboard. These Razer keyboards are really named in some strange ways making comparing them pretty annoying. So good luck!

The top version of this keyboard is the Razer Chroma BlackWidow V2 which includes a quality wrist rest and additional keys for dedicated macros. This keyboard also went for $54 brand new at Walmart and is this exact keyboard’s better version.


Great writeup, thanks for the input!

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FYI, I didn’t see the Mercury White on those links.

Razer was dirt cheap on clearance at local Walmart, but I saw eBay is about the same price.

I type this on y Chroa that I recently splashed with a tiny amount of water which I immediately cleaned up. I now do not have the use of the letter after N. The keyboard shown has a unique set up where the keys hover over the base instead of being nestled inside it. I think this keyboard would have prevented y issue.

This is true. If color is worth twice the price, ThunderThighs has a deal for you.

I wouldn’t know; I personally cannot stand Razer products. I’ve yet to find one that worked for me without multiple issues. After my third RMA on the same mouse, I stopped using their products.

I’ve always had better luck with logitech and corsair when it came to keyboards/mice.

Good heads up on the prices, thanks.

I’ve had similar issues but only with their keyboards, and came here to post about it as a warning. Their mice have been rock-solid for me (I’m using probably my fifth one to help make this post). So they remain my go-to mice when I buy a new set of peripherals and I am only on number 5 because I have two in-use at home, one in my laptop bag, and after approximately 7 years of daily use at work the “soft-touch” rubber on my mamba had come off enough to be annoying/unsightly.

In contrast their keyboards have flaked out on me within a couple of months both times I tried them. Plus, I’m addicted to volume wheel on logitech keyboards… So I don’t plan on trying razer keyboards again. Buyer beware!

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Very solid response. It’s fair to say any major vendor will have these issues simply by pure volume of sales and usage, but I have seen far too many people with the exact results we have. In my opinion it’s not worth the risk of going back and forth with RMAs when there is so much competition at the same price point and less that do better jobs.

I am ambidextrous so mice that work this way are usually in demand for me, but this one isn’t it. I can’t help but feel this mouse deserves a normal retail 29.99 price tag. Especially when Walmart has almost an entire clearance section of the Logitechs far superior mouse sensor.

Lets also discuss polling rates on these mice. I utilize an XIM and it requires extremely solid sensors and polling of 1000Hz consistently is a huge deal with the XIM. Sadly I cannot tell you how many of these mice do not poll 1000Hz consistently or even close. Having 1000Hz polling and not having it be consistent really defeats the purpose. The G502 from Logitech seems to work best due to this.

I’ve also seen these mice have polling issues in dark rooms. The Razer sensor seems to handle low light situations very poorly.

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