Razer Gaming Accessories

these are some great prices O.o

Bought a Razer Naga Epic on Woot before and found out that the right-click microswitch wasn’t soldered on!

First time that I had a problem on a refurbed Woot product

I’ve bought a couple Razer accessories off Woot without issues. Just picked up a set of headphones for QuakeCon!

Those Deathadders got dddddevoured!!




Steer clear of the Razer Onza Xbox controllers they are junk! I bought one which had to be replaced, replacement died, and I bought 2 here hoping referbs may have actually been fixed and tested. Now I have 4 useless controllers. These things have been junk from the first and Razer hasn’t seemed to want to fix the problem. I think I am done with Razer, there is a reason they have so many referbs to get rid of.

how do you recondition a mouse pad? :smiley:

I think they just have to give that label as a technicality (e.g. someone returns it - boom - instantly considered ‘reconditioned’).

I wish they had a battlefield 2 iphone 3 case :-\

I have purchased 4 reconditioned Razer accessories from Woot, and all of them have functioned fantastically: except the Onza. It is great for about three days, then the left analog stick craps out. I love the concept, and if it worked correctly I would use it as my sole xbox controller. Clearly there is a reason why someone sent this back to the manufacturer…

I’ve been trying to get a backup Lachesis for the past few months, but I they are always sold out by the time I get here. :frowning: I wasn’t even awake by the time they sold out.
I don’t know what you people are doing with your Onzas to have them break, but I bought one a few months ago and it’s still going strong. The mappable buttons are a little silly, and their addition have caused the other bumper buttons to become thinner. I just bound the mappable buttons to the bumpers. It’s a decent work around.
So YMMV with the Onza, they aren’t all busted!

I bought a NAGA Epic Gaming mouse (refurb) about 6-8 months ago from Woot. I use it daily to work in microstation, (it’s never been used for gaming) and I love it.

I’m not sure what I’ll do when it goes, it’s made my work faster and increased my productivity more than I ever thought a mouse could.

Another reminder that the Lycosa keyboards aren’t very good, but the Blackwidow ones are amazing.

might be in for one of those… i always mouse lefty, no idea why as i’m righty every other way.

Don’t touch the Lycosa. It’s a trash keyboard. I’ve gotten the one from woot and 2 RMAs from Razer, none have functioned properly.
For your own good, please stay away from the Lycosa!

In for the chimaera wireless headset… Reviews seems really split about razer, keeping my fingers crossed!

Like others, I bought the Razor Onza 360 controller… and later regretted it. I initially loved it for playing halo on my xbox, and my steam library on my pc using steam’s Big Picture mode. However, after a month or 2 of use the left trigger started going off randomly when doing other things… For instance, at the start of a halo match I’d start sprinting to a vehicle and try to get in, but I’d end up throwing all my grenades at it (left trigger is grenades) and blowing it up instead. I started having to run into a corner when I’d spawn to avoid team killing people with nades. Kinda ruins any use it had for me. I’ve since continued to use it for PC games that support the 360 controller where the left trigger going off isn’t a big deal (Tomb Raider, for example plays great with it).
Having said that, I will ONLY buy Razor mice for gaming on my PC/Laptop. I bought the Razor Diamondback for pc gaming in the summer of 2005… and I still use it today (summer 2013)! When I bought a laptop for gaming, I quickly purchased the Razor Orochi, which I absolutely LOVE for a mobile gaming mouse. Razor should stick to PC accessories.

Don’t listen to the scare tactics of srblush.

I’ve purchased one Onza, and it’s still perfectly fine a year later. Just used it last evening, actually.

Now if I could just get a single Death Adder for once…

It’s actually a great keyboard :smiley: make sure you don’t spill fluids on it! Yes, the key lettering will wear off on the most commonly used keys, but I’ve only noticed that on mine after years of use.