Razer Gaming Accessories

Owned two of these, both had same problem with left click sensor going out and mouse wheel breaking after around 6 months of use…

Edit: oops http://tech.woot.com/offers/naga-epic-gaming-mouse-10 , was referring to the razer naga

I just discovered this web page that tells which Razer keyboards have membrane keys as opposed to mechanical keys. http://www.razerzone.com/gaming-keyboards-keypads/membrane-key-infrastructure

Apparently the only mechanical keyboard is the Blackwidow.

I have the Razer Epic mouse, and it’s amazing. Unreal sensitivity (and very adjustable) and the number buttons are killer for games where you map a lot of actions/hotkeys, such as Deus Ex. I don’t play RTS/MMO games too much but I can guarantee they’d be great for that too.

The lighting is spiffy too.

I have two Razer Naga (not Epic Version) Mice and I love them. I have had them both for over a year.

I also have a Lycosa Keyboard and I would sadly not recommend it. It does not use membrane keys it uses scissor keys so they are not quite the same as the mmo keyboard.

It works perfectly most of the time but occasionally it stops working and you have to pull the usb out of the computer to get it to start working. There are also sometimes weird things going on with the touch button area.

I’m tempted to pick up a Deathstalker though but it doesn’t come in blue.

Just so it’s known, the carcharias headset is the old version. Not the new one that can be used with the Xbox 360. I was unaware there were 2 versions when I bought it during the last sale, great headset other than the main reason of me buying it was to use on my xbox as well as my PC.

I bought one of these for the wireless capability and I won’t trade it out. However, as long as I have it hardwired to the computer, it helps to rule any MMO that you need the boost from the programmable keys on the side. But, it always drops the wireless capability and I end up plugging it back into the hardwire. So, if you’re looking for a wireless relationship with your mouse, be warned.

Am so addicted to Razer stuff since I got my Naga Hex from woot. I wanted the Nostromo but couldn’t wait so just got it from amazon. This time I got the Kraken and I can’t wait to get it!!!

Gotta love Woot…go to the doc and miss the keypad deal…stink. Well there is always next time :slight_smile:

No sign of my first Woot, a Razer Diamondback. Minimalist without a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles.

Understand, Razer is kind of crappy about honoring their 90-day warranty they offer. I bought a broken Chimera headset from Woot the last time they were for sale, and they had me jumping through hoops for two weeks before they finally agreed to honor the warranty.

Also, you have to pay for the shipping once they approve your RMA, and in the email list a million reasons why they can reject it once they have your return. Fun!

My order for the Chimaera headset (ordered 2 days ago) was cancelled without prior notice. Did anyone else have this happen to them as well? Very disappointed as I was looking forward to receiving this headset…

I’m sorry. You might look in your email (and spam) to see if you have information on it. Otherwise, you can email support@woot.com for information.