Razer Gaming Accessories

-Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013 Expert Mechanical Gaming Keyboard- Not a very good deal. Currently the same price on the Amazon website and brand new ones for cheeper.

Cheaper? I see these on amazon for double this price.

Has anyone had any bad experiences with refurbed accessories? I’ve never pulled the trigger on these for fear of nasty ear cups or gunky mouse buttons.

bought a mechanical keyboard from an earlier RAZER deal. everything worked great except that the “J” key does not work. maybe you will be luckier.

No bad experience so far, I purchased the 7.1 Tiamat a few months ago and its still going strong. Looked like brand new to me.

Any reviews on the factory reconditioned Carcharias Gaming Headphones? Does anyone have any experience using them with a mac?

I’ve had a great experience with the Razer refurb equipment I got. The Nostromo speedpad I’ve been using is awesome.

What’s the difference between factory reconditioned and refurbished?

Factory means the original company or someone they “cosign” has done the repairs.

Refurbished means any other form of fixing that does not include the above.

I have bought many of the refurb DeathAdder mice, and (knock on wood) have never had any trouble from them even once.

Razer makes great products, and my two gaming sons will swear by all their gear!

I bought these reconditioned about a year or so ago and they’re starting to go. I have to mess with the volume thing on the cord to get audio to play evenly through each headphone.

I bought an Arctosa keyboard and had to send it back because it would randomly die on me and I’d have to unplug and replug it.

While I haven’t had much luck with Razer refurbs I’ll probably wind up getting another pair of the headphones (the replacement keyboard has been fine so far and the process is pretty easy to send it back)

The Ferox Mini speakers are WELL worth getting for that price. they are LOUUUD! I bought an extra set today… RUN and get them

Refurbished products tend to be better than the original in my opinion, I bought an onza tournament edition new about a year and a half ago and the aiming trigger stopped working, sent it in to Razer support got a refurbished one back in about 10 days, and its been working well ever since!

does anyone have experience with the Razer Nostromo? I’ve been eying it for awhile now with all the Razer deals, but just haven’t gone all in yet, I’m a casual gamer

Are the Tiamat headsets worth the money? I’ve always eyed them from a distance since they were too rich for my pocket, but I might be able to scrape enough together to get one, but which is better and are they worth it? Or am I better off with the Steelseries wireless headset (I have been VERY very happy with my Steelseries Headphones).

Edit: Bah, scratch the Steelseries, communication for xbox only. Why do you do this to me Woot, I want a PC headset!

The keyboard I’m typing on now is a refurbished Razer I bought here last year. Works like a charm. It’s not a perfect process, but they have a pretty good reputation.

I purchased the Kabuto mousepad full price 1.5 years ago, and it’s still clean and I love it. It’s perfect as a laptop mousepad, and keeps my keyboard from marking up my computer screen. Even if you fold it up, the wrinkles don’t hold so it always lies flat. $10 is a good deal if you’re buying other products from Woot to make use of the $5 shipping. Otherwise it sells for $18 on Amazon, so saving $3 will at least buy you… some packs of ramen?

The carcharias headset is super comfy, but I’ve been having some issues with the microphone sometimes. (And I bought those brand new from Amazon since I had missed the Woot deal.) I have 2 friends that have used the same model for their office, and they haven’t had problems. Comfort wins with that headset.

I’ve also bought a Razer Mamba mouse that was refurbished from Woot about 2 years ago. Still works great.

It looks like a lot of people complain about the bass from these speakers. What’s your opinion of the sound?

I’ve bought MANY razer products from woot over the years. Every one of them was refurbished.

I still use most of the gear daily, and I haven’t had any problems that came from anything being refurbished. I’ve had a few minor hiccups (mostly with their software than updates did fix) but otherwise I’m quite happy.

Granted not EVERYTHING razer makes is great. Most is, but they have a few lemons.

What’s great: their mice (love the Naga series), and the blackwidow mechanical keyboards. Not so great? Mostly that damn lycosa keyboard (not featured in this lineup). Also many have complained about the Onza controller (I got one, but just didn’t care for the ergonomics, otherwise no issues).