Razer Gaming Accessories

Why are all the keyboard pics blurry?

Is it the glow on the letters to simulate backlighting? That’s all I’m seeing.

No Deathadder 2013 this time :(. That’s all I want from Razer right now…even though they would have sold out before I woke up this morning, haha.
One day I’ll get one to match the Deathstalker I got from Woot! a couple months ago…

Is there any difference between the BF3 Blackwidow and the standard Ultimate other than design?

For the “Razer RZ04-00470100-REFB Chimaera Wireless Gaming Headset for XBOX 360”

Will that work with the PC platform or would I have to purchase an adapter?

Only difference between the BW BF3 and Regular is the design, usually the BF3 edition is cheaper as well.

The Chimera SHOULD work without issue on PC using a standard 3.5mm headphone out.

Dang, wasn’t that BlackWidow Ultimate for Mac like $20 less a month or so ago? I missed it then but am pretty sure I don’t want it at this price. Has anyone tried it?

Manual from the Features Page says it should work with 360 AND PC. Use a 3.5mm splitter to connect both your 360 (RCA->3.5mm included) and your PC (your own 3.5mm Male-Male) to the receiver. Should be good to go.

Been looking for a decent head set to play my 360 or watch videos on my PC at night. Might pick one of these up.

This like the 10th time in a row yall have come out with the razer accessories deal, and not put up the hydra. Thats what I want from you woot :<

You’re welcome.
(No but for serious, I’ll pass it along)

I like you :smiley:

does razer do the refurb or recondition? because im interested in the Razer Karken Pro headset or the Carcharias Headsets :o

I got the Tiamat 2.2 headphones yesterday… You seriously have to EQ these things before you start using them. There is soo much bass that is drowns out everything else, makes music and games sound terrible in my opinion. The first thing I did was turn the bass way down. They are very light weight and made of plastic, feels a bit flimsy, but it shouldn’t break or anything. I’d prolly recommend the Kraken over these.

This is the 4th time I’ve seen the blackwidow keyboard for under $50, and they all go super fast. One of these times, I’ll be fast enough to grab one : /

I have the “Razer Tiamat Elite 7.1 Surround Sound Analog Gaming Headset” non-refurb.

Excellent headset, the most comfortable ‘gaming’ headset I’ve worn.
Sound quality takes tweaking.
The 7.1 surround sound is true surround, but you can tell the distance between speakers is small.