Razer Gaming Accessories

The Blackwidow Mechanical keyboard for Mac is a good buy, even if you’re on a PC. I’m typing on one right now, used with Windows 7.

Initially none of the special features worked, and the Razer website said it is not supported for PC. Lies. Once the Synapse 2.0 software was updated and it updated the keyboard’s firmware, everything worked fine. I even used a 3rd party app to switch the Command and Alt keys to be like a Windows keyboard (Windows and Alt keys).

Under $50 shipped, it’s a no brainer.

aaaaand no hydra

seeing this after buying a might mouse makes me feel dumb. even if this mouse isnt tight

I have owned a few razer mice and the quality control is never that great. They work fine up to a year but any longer and it starts to break or slow or lose connection (Wireless of course).

Anyone buy the factory refurbished ones before? I have seen a few sales in which the product is new, and a slightly used Razer product is not always a great buy.

I’ve gotten three respiffied Razer mouses from Woot, and two of the three still work fine after a year or two of use. The other stopped working after four years. They are corded, and tend to pick up random gunk on their sliding surfaces, but a quick rub with alcohol or water cleans that right up.

Maybe I’m lucky, but I think that Razer does a pretty good job with mouse refurbs. I play mostly FPS stuff currently, but I did my time in EVE and SWTOR with these mice as well.

I absolutely love my Nostromo Gaming pad. Its sooo awesome for MMOs and FPS. The thumb joystick isnt really great for movement in FPS, I dont think they meant for it to work like that anyways, youll still use the WASD combo up top and the trigger for jump. I find its best use in EVE, when I have to hold a button down and then click with mouse. The diagonals are tricky, think of it like the old NES pad, not an analog stick. But it does have an awesome button for Teamspeak/Vent which youll find extremely useful. If your on the fence, get it.

I love the Naga Epic mouse as a mouse, but the side keypad buttons are very hard to push without moving the mouse to the side. I havent been able to use those mouse buttons for action type stuff because youll move your mouse when your trying to click precisely on something. I’ve heard healers use it in WOW because they dont have to click on anything, they can just bind heals to party members for each button. Your thumb will get lost in the buttons to, I have to look at the mouse when I don’t press 1-3 or 5.

The naga is awesome…I’ve had one since shortly after the first generation came out a few years ago, and it’s still my daily mouse.

In MMO’s, having the side buttons pretty much revolutionized my playing on WoW, tanking especially…as for the buttons being hard to press, that comes down to how you grip your mouse. I nestle the body of the Naga in my palm, and my pinkie drapes over the other side, so it naturally has learned to support and provide counter-pressure when clicking the numpad buttons. In FPS’s, it makes for quick and easy weapon swaps.

Razer keyboards, OTOH, have never impressed me. never last long.

Does the kraken pro come with the splitter cable?

Hmm, looking at the “Razer RZ04-00870100-REFB Kraken Pro Analog Gaming Headset” I can’t help but notice that the name contains “REFB” (I assume this means refurbished) even though the item is being sold as “factory reconditioned”…
Pretty solid review on amazon 4+/5, but I want to know whether this is a refurb or a reconditioned headset.

I emailed the buyer, I’ll update my post when I hear back with confirmation. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: The official word is that this headset is factory reconditioned. Hope that helps!

Just got my keyboard, one of the images shows a mic, earphone and usb port on the right side but the keyboard I got does not have them…

Hmm…that’s odd. I would recommend that you write into Woot Member Services at support@woot.com and let them know that the order you received is incorrect. They should be able to help answer any questions or concerns you might have.