Razer Gaming Accessories

That is fantastic. I’m starting to think you guys don’t actually have a Deathadder for sale. NO, I think you just think it’s funny to list one as ‘sold out’.

That DeathAdder is the old model. Razer has much better mice available now, including the three other mice listed for sale.

kinda happy and sad to see no other gamepads
(ordered [url=http://tech.woot.com/offers/nostromo-gaming-keypad-15] the nostromo[\url])
glad to see nothing cheaper but those orbweavers…

I’d love me some of that mechanical goodness. Also has the row of number keys. That was the only thing that kept me from loving the nostromo.

That would be a pretty mean joke! I checked and we legitimately did have a small quantity.

Son is a gamer. I am not. How do you go about selecting a gaming mouse? He plays a variety of games, mostly against friends (on-line) through the Steam web-site. Civilization V and Sins of a Solar Empire are a few games I know he plays a lot if that is important to know.

I am a gamer myself and I know this post may get deleted, but I’ve owned 3 Razer mice all of which broke after continual use after 6-7 months.

I went with a logitech gaming mouse (G600) to be exact. It is very durable, reliable and cheaper than razer.

When choosing a game mouse focus on the following:

  • Do not get wireless, response time will be worst after batteries begin to die.

  • Higher prices does NOT mean better quality. Reviews are everything so do your research. You don’t want a $60 mouse dead after 6 months like I have. They take a beating during gaming

  • Look for a high DPI (Dots Per Inch) 8100+ DPI is ideal. It determines the sensitivity of the mouse.

  • Even the size of the mouse matters and how it fits in your hand. Logitech G600 is rather large, but is more for MMOs. So my recommendation for you based on the games he plays is a G300 Gaming Mouse by Logitech. It is very comfortable.

For other gaming stuff.

For headsets I go Razer because the audio quality is better than most I’ve experienced.

Keyboards people really should go mechanical only. I prefer Logitech, but haven’t had any issues with Razer yet. I hear the programmable gaming keyboards have issues at times.

My review isn’t official and may not be agreed by others. This is just my two cents and my experience so far. Hope it helped.

Ok, I’ll bite… what’s the difference between the two Arctosas?

DARN! I was so excited to see this sale this morning until I noticed the two items I wanted, one the ultimate blackwidow was sold out and the tiamat 7.1 was actually 80$ and 110$ last week on amazon. I picked up one for my son but still need a second for me. Should have bought it then. Ohh well the tiamat is still 122$ with a dented box on Amazon so Ill just get it from there if I need it, makes it cheaper since I have prime.

EDIT: BTW were there only 2 blackwidow ultimates for sale?

I went with the TT ESports Poseidon that they just released. Had these Blackwidows been in stock I would have picked those up. But you cant beat a backlit cherry blue for 79$ http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16823162028

This is a complete marketing gimmick, DPI actually doesn’t matter at all. If you look at lists of pro-gamers and their mouse settings, many (especially fps) players use fairly low DPI because accuracy is more important than speed. Starcraft 2 pros will have higher DPI, but not even close to the 8000 range. Probably like 2000 at most. This is why the Deathadder is so popular (for one thing they are known to be shoddy [though I’ve had mine working fine for like 2 years]) because its sensor is optical, and one of the few flawless sensors. All of the High DPI mice are using laser sensors which are all flawed with inaccuracies.

One has silver printing on the keys. The other is plain black. We’ve tweaked the sale so this is a bit more obvious… we hope.

It’s tough to say. A gaming mouse can be a very personal opinion type thing. I’ve owned a logitec gaming mouse that I didn’t care much for (it just didn’t fit my hand) and after that I bought a Wolf King mouse from Woot. It fit my hand perfectly, but I didn’t like the lack of buttons (only 2 thumb buttons). That mouse now resides at my workplace because it’s just so comfortable. After that mouse, I bought a Razor Naga MMO because I played wow at the time. I really liked that mouse, but after about a year or so, I started to get the double click problem that those mice are known to get. It’s fixable, I just never tore it down to do it. After that I bought another (again from Woot). Having that many mouse buttons is super handy in an MMO. I have large hands, and the Naga is just big enough that it is comfortable, but I wouldn’t want one any smaller.

Once that one dies (and it inevitably will, they take a pounding and nothing lasts forever), I’m probably going to give the Naga Hex a try. I find I really only use about 5 or 6 buttons on my Naga MMO. The rest are just too close together to use reliably.

I think the most important factor would really be comfort. After that I usually look for sensor accuracy (some “gaming” mice will have a lot of problems tracking accurately and will have “jittering” effects etc.), and then finally, features such as extra buttons or whatnot.

Civ 5 and Sins of a Solar Empire are relatively slow games so comfort is definitely priority, and accuracy is next if he plays with/against people online.

Any chance the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate will get more in stock? Or is it just gone for good in this event?

If it’s sold out, it’s sold out. Sorry for any disappointment.

Very disappointed. I really wanted one :stuck_out_tongue:

As a fan of comfortable, great sounding headsets I Highly recommend the 7.1 Tiamat.
I bought mine retail, but I assume the cheaper refurb makes it that much better.

Will buy them again after they break.
Light, sit over my glasses comfortably and have a mic you can slide away.

While I agree, the price is too high. The going new price for them now is 135$. The going dented box rate until last week was 80$-100$. I got my sons for 80$ on amazon. Now they are 122$ at amazon with 2day prime shipping for dented box. Amazon is always faster than woot at shipping. I wish they would allow woot users to use prime!

EDIT: New price just went up to 179.99 on Amazon but NewEgg has them for 137.99$