Razer Gaming Accessories

Your picture led me on to believe I was going to be able to buy a new Razer Naga Molten! I’m so disappointed. Those/the classic are my favorite mouse; I’m bummed they moved the extra top-buttons from the left to the middle.

So… Will there ever be a chance I can buy one of the refurb deathadders before they are all sold out in the first hour? Is it like 5 or less that comes up every time? :frowning:

Honest question: what is so good about the DeathAdder? I have never owned that mouse and it doesn’t look like anything special to me, but whenever there’s a Razer sale, people are always complaining that it is sold out. I mean what’s so good about it compared to other Razer mice? What’s so good about compared to other 5 button mice?

Does the Sabertooth come with the carrying case?

I can’t speak for everyone, but for me, it’s how it fits in the hand very comfortably.

Also, as with every high-DPI mice, being able to set the mouse to a high DPI allows me to move the mouse with minimal arm movement. I use dual screens but never move my wrist when I use the mouse.

edit: using a low-friction mouse pad/skin also helps with this experience.

Compared to that Taipan or Imperator, nothing. I find the Taipan much more ergonomic for how I use it during gaming sessions. That particular DeathAdder is worse when compared to the brand new 2013 edition DeathAdder.

For anyone looking at getting the Sabertooth, you can get it new on newegg for less money that the refurb costs here.

On newegg it’s 59.99 + FS.
Then, when you’re at checkout enter the promo code MasterPass, and use the MasterPass checkout. That takes another $6 off.

Now you’re at 53.99 for a new controller, where it costs you 54.99 for a refurb here.

For me its not so much better than other 5 button mice, its just an awesome price for a quality high dpi mouse I want to have as a backup to my old workhorse logitech mx518. At $20, the price vs. quality ratio just cant be ignored.

Anyone have any opinions on the Naga Hex vs a Logitech G600?

My second original version Naga’s switches are wearing out and I need to replace it again.

I want more $20 Onzas!

Never mind. Amazon got the Naga 2014’s back in stock sometime within the last hour. o_O

I suspect the price dropped on Amazon because of lack of recent sales (they were taking orders to be shipped upon restock) and will start to jump back upward any minute now (I swear those prices are automated) but I snagged a new 2014 for 60 bucks.

Sorry Woot!. I need those extra thumb keys… it’s a disease, man!

Um… where the hell is the mouse in the picture? What a rip.

I’m using the Naga Hex and I love it so far. Went from using a deathadder and only miss the surface area that the DA had. The six buttons are super useful for taunts/laughs/jokes in League of Legends are are reasonably accessible.

Ordered the Chimaera headset and it arrived DOA, disappointed. It’s got nice build quality and is pretty comfortable to wear, hopefully hear back from Woot soon about a replacement.

After my original naga and the naga I bought from woot died, I got the G600. I’m glad I did.

I loved the naga, which fit my hand like it was made for it. I wish the G600 had a bigger butt, but (heh) it’s really much better made, and the side buttons are easier to feel with my thumb.

I ordered 3 Carcharias on the 23rd, it shipped on the 24th, and the tracking shows an older delivery September. My other order of the BlackSkarks on the 27th shipped on the 30th, but nothing has shown up on tracking. Its only going from Carrollton, to Austin, so normal priority mail would just take one day. Are there some major issues going on with stock on these and they have been marked shipped, but not actually left the warehouse yet?

Sorry for the late reply.

More than likely, your order probably hasn’t updated due to the recent holiday delivery schedule.

Your order is more than likely to arrive very soon.

I would say that if you don’t see any updates to the tracking on your order by this weekend, to email into support@woot.com and let them know.

Thanks for the update. Like magic each tracking number updated today with electronic shipping info received. I’m a powerseller on Ebay since 99, so I have seen it all. I doubt I’ll have these for the weekend, I was hoping for some BF4 gaming with the Blacksharks, my gaming center has some bad mic Carcharias I was hoping to replace in time for our New Years Eve all nighter. I’d prefer to get an accurate out for shipping than a label print then ship it later deal as this appears to be. That way I have a realistic outlook on actual shipping time.

And today it arrived at the Austin post office. Lets reverse this policy of marking things shipped that have not please Amazon.