Razer Gaming Stuff

Just jumped at the DeathAdder 3.5. Heard some really good things about that mouse, hopefully they are all true.

Finally, the DeathAdders are back! I’ve been waiting for those to go on sale, and I just pounced and got two.

Seriously, if you happen to see this before they’re sold out, get one or two. You won’t regret it, unless you play MMOs or something.

Yeah finally got a DeathAdder! Way more excited than getting a BOC

I own and use the mamba 2012 for both standard use and gaming (nothing serious) League of Legends and Diablo 3 but I love the mouse, I use it wired because I had some annoying connection issues but never had a single problem with it direct connected with the strong mesh wire it has. PERFRCT Size IMO.

Hm, was seriously considering buying an Onza controller, but the customer reviews on Newegg and Amazon are pretty troubling. Looks like the quality is kinda shoddy.

Every time I see a Razer sale on woot, I see the Nostromo Gaming Pad for sale. Anybody have any experience with these refurbs?

I had a refurb nostromo, the one thumb button never quite worked correctly, but I worked around it.

I recently switched to the logitech g13. but to be honest, I don’t know why. I don’t really find these devices necessary, and only slightly more comfortable than the keyboard.

At one point I had all Razer devices, nostromo, lycosa, and naga. BUt ive started swapping them out for logitech devices. I’m still using the naga, but I think I will probably switch to the logitech g600 soon.

Do any of these mice have programmable onboard memory for macros and saving DPI input?

For example… can I cause holding the mouse button in to continuously click it without me having to click it? I love my mouse, but it is missing onboard memory and macro capabilities. I have no need to upgrade until that is available for a good price.

So…all of the headsets are wired for PCs - the only wireless ones are XBOX 360? Bah.

I bought the Tiamat 2.2 a few weeks ago. Worst sounding headphones I have used in many years. Too much bass, in a bad way. Everything is turned into bass, gives me a headache. I recommend going with the Kraken rather than spending more for the Tiamat 2.2.

I purchased a refurbed Onza from Woot like, over a year ago. The thing has been through the ringer with my roommates abuse, but it still works/looks like I got it on day 1 (which is great btw, I even picked up a Sabertooth 'cause I love the hyper-response buttons so much, but wasn’t a fan of the d-pad on the Onza).

ugh The deathadder is always sold out by the time I see it.

lol, who saw the red razer naga hex on the woot off? awkwarddd…

I can’t speak for the Razer stuff, but I use a CyberSnipa Silencer mouse and it has what you’re talking about. I think they call it “auto-fire” or something like that when creating the macro.

I may or may not use it in FPS games for my pistols… >.<

I have been checking woot periodically for about a year to get an Onza…and they are all sold out by the time I realize THAT THEY AREN’T LISTED ON THE TECH PAGE.

The salt in the wound being that they let people buy as many as 10??

I just wanted one :’(

Dammiiiiiit wooot! I’ve been wanting one of those refurb Deathadders 3500 for a while, but I never get home in time to catch the deal >_<;

The wireless ones work fine with the PC assuming you have the right connections. Check out the razer webpage and you’ll see you can connect them right up. Almost sprang for the 5.1 surround myself but decided to go for a logitech g930 (new too) instead for the same price.

I think you are better off going for a good set of headphones from a good audio company rather than spending $100+ on a set of phones from razer of Logitech.

I use the Denon AHD2000 and a clip on mic. The mic isn’t great, so I’ve been watching woot for one. I used to see them all the time, now that I want one, nothing :frowning:

I’m using the Pulse Elite that I got for my PS3, works fine I really love it, battery is the only problem, so I got a cheap mic like $10 to plug it when battery runs out.

If you’re sad about missing an Onza… don’t be. I’m usually optimistic about peripherals too, but the first one I had started going haywire. They sent me another one, and the analog sticks are broken again. Now it’s just a modding project. Going to try to replace the potentiometers on them and see if I can make a usable franken-controller… I don’t trust their quality anymore