Razer HP-1 Barracuda 5.1 Channel Gaming Headphones

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Razer HP-1 Barracuda 5.1 Channel Gaming Headphones
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • 1 Razer HP-1 Barracuda 5.1 Channel Gaming Headphones

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and now the linkage… check useful linkage w/ comparison links… if you like that sorta thing…
i think this woot might be decent… don’t like the plug colors though.

Awesome Wish they were wireless

Hmm interesting…although after sennheiser rs140s, I can’t go back to wired headphones…
It looks like a junk version of my old turtle beach 5.1 headphones.

Google Product Search

cool product but bulky

This seems like too much cash for quiet time for others.

we sell these where i work and they break all the time.

Track Woot Checker - Price Grabber, Amazon and Froogle. The deadly three about this product!

Also I just wanted to note that we are the first Sellout Woot Tracker. =) Cheers! It even tells you related Regular Woot Items.

if only i hadn’t bought the everglides…

Too much for wired, they will get broken or stolen like my $15 ones

these are awesome, bought from newegg for 120 few months ago,now im pretty pissed

well this is for the kiddies, I’m to old to pe playing games!!!

Pshaw! These aren’t even PROFESSIONAL gaming headphones. I’ll pass.

I could use another pair of cans. Anyone know if all these fancy features make these worth considering over a pair of Sennheiser?

how do they interface with the sound? it looks like it’s got a gameport on it…

the 20 dollar 1gb Mp4 side deal is not 20 bucks…after rebate it is 30 bucks- what gives?

cnet gave it a 7.1 (good for their scale)
goes for about 115 or so. good woot.

How would I connect these to my 360 to play halo 3? I doubt the 360 will output the sound to the USB, but does an optical audio to “HD-DAI” adapter exist? Also, I guess you would have to have spoken audio be routed through the speakers in the game options, then have some kind of funky adapter to get the mic into the tiny audio input on the back of the controller to get the mic hooked up. Sounds like too much, work, g’night
Woot: how about a nice 5.1 or 7.1 receiver/system (without any kind of chinsy dvd player)?