Razer HP-1 Barracuda 5.1 Channel Gaming Headphones

Read description…detachable mic…doh!

They just had gaming headphones on sale recently. I haven’t even opened my box of 3 that just arrived this week. Sheesh… Enough already.

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dat was teh funny

Time to get some sleep

i was going to say “time to change shampoos, because lather-rinse-repeat seems to not be working”

Read again, it has a detachable mic

It’s called thousands of people trying to access the page all at once.

It has little to do with your connection.

meh, i need a woot killer every once and a while so i can get some work done



this is poop

Great Item.



this is poop

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In a world of wireless, these FAIL!

does anyone have the email address or phone number for the National Association of Paranoid Hysterics - I need to get in touch!!!
OH GOD … I just know it already – nobody will …


There is a “Detachable Microphone” according to description…

If you’ve noticed some issues with bagsofcrap.com, I THINK I have them fixed. For some reason, my webserver was dieing every few minutes (I have a daemon that watches it and restarts it within a few seconds)… I made a config change, and so far, it’s been up for double the normal amount of time…