Razer HP-1 Barracuda Gaming Headphones

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$59.99 + $5 shipping

My friend had one of these. The sound quality is great but they’re quite fragile.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT THESE!!! I just spent 120 yesterday though on that camera… but I do need some gaming headphones… ok please someone tell me if this is a worthy investment


I have these, used em once, and into the closet they went, probably never to return. Just way too bulky/heavy to sit on your head for an extended period of time and the mic wasn’t the best by any means, my friends prefered my older headset so back to the older headset I went.

Woot is so weird, listen to the podcast today for hour 3 of the Barracuda


what? I was on Woot and they said to check out sell out for the analogue outs only this is just headphones… Oh well I guess that counts as analogue just not the 1/8 inch out that I needed…

This one’s a little weirder. Tons of Amazon reviewers, but the average is only 3 stars. However, the CNET experts think this headphone set is “very good”, 7.1 out of 10. I’d say this one’s a tough call at best. But remember, woot gets it to you for more than 30% off what you’d pay for a new one anyplace else.

Keep in mind the main con for the cnet reviewers was the cost of the headphones. Now they’re ~60 bucks less. Good for us. The big thing is the headphones and card (on woot) total up to 140 together. Instead of the original 320, or ~300 currently. If you’re really into surround sound gaming, but are limited to what you can do due to living arrangements or neighbors, definitely think about purchasing the combo.

I was in for another headset and two audio cards. Already had one headset, but was running off of onboard sound.

One thing to note is the mic attachment it comes with is a bit on the quiet side. Works fine for me, but a couple of my friends have had complaints about it, opting to use a different microphone instead.

How does this compare to the 5.1 Surround headphones woot had on a month or so back? I’m assuming in order to use these headphones I also need the card, right?

EDIT: These look like the exact same 'phones, but without the 5.1 surround adaptor.

my experience with surround headphones is that one or more of the little speakers stops working after a relatively short time.

I bought these last time they were up, to tell you the truth I am a little disappointed in them. I really liked them in the beginning, they sound really crisp, very easy to assemble, and were around half the original price! I really loved them, until the problems started. First, the mic was horrible. It picks up everything from the left speakers, so there is a very obnoxious roar whenever the mic is activated. The headphones are comfortable for me, but they are made of cheap plastic. The hinge on the headset fell into the speaker encasing, I had to disassemble the speaker to find the broken plastic piece and super glue it. On top of all of this, the rear left speak (and now the entire left side) are crackling. At first, this crackling was just a whirring sound, but now it interferes with my music and crackles. Razer makes great products, don’t get me wrong. I own the AC-1 sound card, these headphones, and a Razer copperhead mouse. These headphones truly sound amazing, but I think they can be built better. I would not recommend these headphones to anyone. If you are looking for some gaming headphones, in my experience, the best ones are Steelsound 5h v2 USBs.

I have seen these before on w00t… there must be many gamers online…

Dont buy. they hurt your ears after a while of usage, and mine broke after a couple weeks.

These come with the 5.1 analog plugs? I’m pretty sure… so I went ahead and snagged these. My current video card has 5.1 and 7.1 surround, so I can do all this without that special card.

These were the worst headphones I have ever bought. I picked them up the last time they were on woot. The sound is pretty good, but the microphone is horrible. No one could hear me. I ended up going with a cheaper brand without quite so good sound, so that I could be heard. I give them a 3 out 10.

I agree that the mic is lacking on these, but the sound quality is excellent. The headset is not made for listening to music only, at high volume. THat just blows out the speakers. IF that’s all you’re going to use them for then get a set made for that.

That being said, I love these for gaming. With the soundcard woot is selling, they really shine. I also have their copperhead gaming mouse. With all 3 of these products installed, my game play has become almost par excellence. I would definelty reccomend these headphones, the soundcard that woot is also selling today (WHICH DOES HAVE VISTA 32 bit SUPPORT) & the mouse for people who love to game.

I just had too. I rock the Lycosa kb and the Copperhead, AND i just indulged in the sound card on the other, other white meat. In for 1, you debt inducing %&*^#s