Razer HP-1 Barracuda Gaming Headphones

what have you guys gotten in previous bags of crap?


My fiance swears by these. They’re friggin huge. Aside from that, I’m not really a fan-- the ear portion is kinda hard. I prefer Steelsound 3h passive noise reduction model.

Either way, the Razer’s work great with ventrilo, and are fairly decent when it comes to movies/other gaming.

. . . SORRY . . .

They just aint as cool as the headphones I already got!

Oh woot, you struck a bold blow for bipartisanship today. With your simple overture, you have set old Holy Joe’s heart on the road to mending… all while helping us do our patriotic shopping duty. Here’s to you, great Americans at woot.

Overpriced headphones. . if you want great quality: get Bose … . if you want Gaming headphones: spend $20-30, not 45 . .esp at Woot

In for 3!

Wooted these a month ago for $20 more. They’re amazing.

I do have the accompanying soundcard, not sure about performance when used with other cards. Great response, great sound, and at this price probably the best 5.1 headphones money can buy.

fargle? what is needed to plug this in to?

gaming headphones are in a huge demand, according to WOOT sources

is it a wireless or wtf is going on, that looks like such a poor picture

i had a pair sounded great but they brake easy.

they plug in with razr sound card dose plug in with this gody adapterto use standerd 3.5 jack

Good headset, but the mic even with the booster on is quiet.

Enough with the headsets already… for all that’s holy on earth!

Bring on the CARP…!

comes with a converter from DVI to regular jacks

WOHOO! I GOT ONE! Now what the hell is it?


I just bought them, I need these because my downstairs neighbors won’t let me make noise at all.

It sucks that I have to pay taxes in Missouri now!!

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You get the picture…