Razer Hydra PC Gaming Controllers

I always kind of wanted to try these out with Portal 2 but I’m not sure for what else I’d even want to try them. Did they ever make any other things that made special use of them?

3.5 star reviews

Here is a Video from Steam

“Good” review (3.5 out of 5.0) over at PCmag.com

From the Specs:

Top Supported Titles:

Portal 2
Left for dead 2
Half life 2
Team team fortress 2
Dota 2
Counterstrike global offensive
Battlefield 3
Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3
Battlefield Bad Company 2
Call of Duty – Black Ops

How well would these work for flying jets in Battlefield 3?

Pretty good reviews (4.0 out of 5.0) over at newegg.com

Does anyone know if it’s possible to get the Sixense DLC pack for Portal 2 without buying these direct on Steam? Perhaps you just get it the first time you run the game with these?

I would have never spent $100+ for these things, but for less than $50, I might pull the trigger. Ha. See what I did there? No? Whatever.

Link to Razer’s list of supported games:


Be sure to check all the links under the “Game Support” tab at the top for even more info.

NewEgg and Amazon have it for $80 but it is bundled with Portal2. Is that game bundled with the Woot deal?

What do you do with the Pacifier/Nuk-Nuk? Honestly I’m not sure I wanna know how that works.
Maybe it goes somewhere else…
Does it vibrate?

Razer is great for PC gear, but whenever you put “Razer” and “Controller” together, it’s really hit and miss.

I bought an Onza TE, and the analog stick had buggy resistance (strong sometimes, weak other times), and the stick travel could not go all the way in every direction. Sometimes you’d move the stick up, for example, and it would go all the way, while the next, it would “gum up” as far as even getting stuck sometimes. I returned it, and the next controller was exactly the same, and also had messed up resistance on the left trigger (too strong compared to the right).

Obviously this is a totally different product, but it has sticks and triggers all the same. It seems to be a widespread issue in Razer controllers for them to come in defective.

Just a warning to anyone who isn’t sure about this, and to anyone who grabs one or two. If it comes defective, try to get a replacement or refund as soon as possible from where you bought it from (here), rather than going to Razer support, which is notorious for being slow and sending you dirty, refurbished replacements.

No game. What you see in the pics is what you get.

You can get the game for around $5 on Steam during a good sale on it, so it’s not a big loss.

Just wanted to point out, whether you have Portal 2 on Steam already or not, in order to get the Sixense DLC to work, you need to redeem the included Portal 2 code provided on the card inserted in the package. There is no other way to download the DLC.

If you happen to already have Portal 2 in your Steam library, you’ll receive a giftable code for another one.

I purchased this at full price back when it was introduced and at the time, I found the motion controls to be gimmicky and quite buggy with the included version of Portal 2. I fully suspected that I received a faulty controller, but I had such a bad time with it, I couldn’t justify the hefty price tag, so it got returned.

I’m not sure if they’ve updated the Sixense DLC for Portal 2 or the firmware for the Hydra since then, but at $40, I’d consider trying it again if I didn’t already have a PC gaming controller.

Oh come on, I just bought one for $65 a couple days ago and I am literally playing Bioshock 2 this second to get used to it!!! Brief opinion: well worth it for a gamepad PC gamer.

Now for some important new user thoughts:

  1. Download the recent sixense drivers/software, not the Razer stuff. It’s far more accurate, usable, and far far easier to customize. The razer stuff that is from 2011 is a waste of time.

  2. You can be 3-4 feet away and it will still work excellent. I used the Razer software, and If you were more than a foot away, jitter city. With sixense, after calibrating it once I plug it in (point left stick at base, pull trigger, point right stick at base, fire), it works great.

It can be painful adjusting to it at first (mainly because I’m left handed and have swapped the sticks, so left stick does view, right stick does awsd), but I expect this will become my normal controller at this point and won’t rust in the closet. And I think it would be pretty easy to make profiles for new games with the Sixense software.

this a list of compatible games, but you can make any game work with this. i have always wanted one too but wasnt going to pay $100 retail but now game on!


It seems that this DOES NOT include the Portal 2 game and DLC. There are 2 versions of this product out there, and one of them does not have that.

However, for people who already have Portal 2 (or who are willing to buy it separately), look at the Blue text message in the upper part of this page:

Apparently Sixense will give you a code to allow access to the DLC, even if you buy the hardware version that doesn’t come with it.

The reviews for this thing seem to be all over the place from absolutely love it, to hate it. I’m going to take a chance on it for half price. I only hope that because it’s here on Woot it doesn’t mean it’ll be going extinct soon. From the reviews the interface still needs some major improvement. Looks like yet ANOTHER case of rushing to market. I’ll take a chance that I can work my way through it.

A question for people who have these.
Were they included in the driver “upgrade” that requires you to always have a net connection to change settings?