Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse

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Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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OMG another one?!!! >_<

NOW you wish you wouda bought those mouse pads doncha?

Ah, yes, the Razer Mouse. I remember you.

I am beginning to hate that logo…

Can I shave with this?

Already got a Razer Diamondback and an Orochi. Really don’t need another one right now!

Another woot steriotype product. Next is leak frogs

It’s a 48-hour Woofott. G’night all.

Nominate for quality post!

is this going to be a two day wootoff?


I should break one on purpose to have a reason to buy it…

Woot off killer!!! Run for your lives! It will eat us all!

I mean, you need a new mouse. Theres a new mouse. Clicky Clicky!

Aw, damn it. I already bought the snake one. I can’t possibly justify this one now even though it’s a better mouse and I want it.

Oh well. A mere 4000 DPI for me.

BOC BOC I want my BOC

Im beginning to see a theme here, the theme of disappointment…

Enough with the generic “Give us a quality post” message on the home page. Stop teasing.

Warning Wooters… you will not get a quality post. Refrain from commenting in protest. That, or keep commenting about about when the BAC is gonna be. Either or.

Bah I’ve been waiting for an Orochi for so long. I thought that wait was over. :frowning:

I got this to replace my soda infused deathadder that I got from a previous wootoff. Ah, the joys of buying refurbished. At least woot gave me a full refund, and I got to keep the sticky mouse with the buttons that are still gummy after taking it apart and cleaning ever piece with alcohol and a cotton swab.

Stickiness aside, it’s not as nice as the deathadder, plus it doesn’t have the braided cord that ever other Razer I’ve gotten off of woot has.

Still a serviceable mouse though. You should buy three of them.