Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse

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Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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We’re really on a roll here, another (edit) refurbished* razer mouse…

yes, but its also noise-cancelling

Can I shave with it?

Awesome mouse. Bought it a few weeks ago in another woot off at the same price. Works really well right out the box and all you need to do is download the drivers from Razer’s website.

Don’t mind the “refurbish” thing… it works great!

Talk about having a rodent infestation in the warehouse. Geeze.

Ohh the possibilities seem endless.

Can it work with an iPad?


The specs read to me like this:


Using the mouse this very moment. I love it, its very precise and has helped greatly when playing a FPS.

Does a super duper crazy gaming mouse really make that much of a difference over a standard mouse when playing games?

Bring out the Bag-O-Shiz plz… kthxbye

I just noticed I joined Woot 5 days after Wootalyzer! Now that’s a quality post if I ever saw one!

I keep thinking that if I added this to my n52 speedpad I’d probably just get overwhelmed and not program any buttons.

It does. But like HD tv’s once you upgrade to the higher class it doesn’t make much difference between them, i.e. yes an HD tv is WAY better than an SD tv, but no one HD tv is all that much better than any other HD tv. The same with game class mice (that have high dpi), one is about as advantageous as the other. But they all blow cheap regular mice out of the water.

Hm, would this be a noticeable upgrade over a Logitech MX518? Have heard good things about Razer, not sure which models are best.

I’d grab this if it had green LED.

Is this mouse compatible with Java and Web 2.0?