Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse

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Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Have a Razer mouse, not this model, and it’s really nice.

Lots of Razer mice today. Kind of makes me wish I needed one… kinda. Definately gonna buy a Diamondback if they turn up.

Looks like the repeats are becoming a trend.

Please put up some woot off lights!! I’ve been dying to get my hands on them for a while now!

Razer mice are pretty good, just avoid their keyboards.

is this thing worth it? im not a gamer, doesnt seem worth it

another repeat item

I too am waiting for ooma

Bought this at the last woot off, came without any frilly packaging, but was in excellent condition. Love the mouse, only a few slight problems. Very occasionally, it’ll become VERY picky about the surface I have it on. Repositioning it usually gets rid of that, and it’s only for a few seconds at worst. Hasn’t happened while gaming. Also, it’s not detected until you get in to your OS, so if for some reason you need your mouse at the BIOS, you’re SOL. Neither of these have really been an issue for me.

Great feel, the adjustable side buttons are awesome, great weight.

Will probably be here awhile.

Are these real programmable buttons, or are they like 95% of other “programmable buttons” on mice, which just let you choose a function from a pre-defined list of windows functions that nobody cares about?

Hey, not buying this will match the keyboard I also didn’t buy. They are both for gaming, both have blue stuff, both by the same company, and I own neither!

If you did buy the keyboard, however, I guess it would be pretty hard to pass this up!

I bought the Razer Naga refurbished from Woot last year, it arrived to me in a lil white box with nothing else. No problems there really. But it was defective and I shipped it back for a replacement, which now works fine.

Good mice, quality but nothing special.

I need a toaster oven. If it’s made by Razer, that’d be just fine as long as it has cool blue lights.

I have a Razer Lycosa keyboard I got from woot about 6 months ago. It has worked great for me thus far.

I have one, only complaint is upon startup or wake up it always goes to the highest resolution so the tracking is insanely fast and have to click a couple times to set it back lower.

THAT is all I’ve been waiting for this whole woot-off!

“You see kids, a long time ago all of our devices connected with a cable. Not like you kids today with your wireless mice and keyboards and i-pods and rock and roll music. Now get off my grass…”