Razer Lachesis 4000dpi 9 Button Gaming Mouse

I’ve got one Razer mouse that squeaks with every click (cue the inevitable mouse jokes). Does this one also have the same problem?

This is same exact mouse I’m trying to replace right now. Very jittery even after hours of attempting to tweak it.

Now, I could definitely find a good use for an 8-button mouse. But 9? I’d feel like I was just wasting my money on that extra button =(

Do gamers even get up this early? Maybe they’re still up. In any case, I probably have enough time to make a pot of coffee, get dressed, wash my face and do my hair. I might even consider breakfast if there aren’t many of these.

Maybe. But you can always use WD40. So buy 3!

Just found this on Ebay for only 99 cents! Of course the S&H and tax is $56.99.

I bought this mouse a few months ago and I absolutely love it.

gearxs leftovers?

Didn’t last a year. Left button broke off. Not for the serious gamer. Good for Tic-Tac_Toe

Make sure that the laser reticle is clear of any dust. Any stray lint will definitely cause the mouse to jitter.

hmmmmmmmmmmmm,30.00 for a mouse or buy food,hmmmmmmmm

I’ve got a lazer copperhead. Same problem, but I dial down the sensitivity 2 clicks(every time I boot up!)and that helps.

Manual for the mouse.

This is a good deal as long as you don’t have bad refurb luck. IMHO, Razer Naga…best mouse of all time.

Report them, people like that abuse Ebay and cause the rest of us to have higher percentages taken out of our sales.

Several videos on youtube on how to fix that squeak - I had a squeak on Salmosa mouse when I clicked thats solved by pressing firmly on mouse button, hold down and slide forward. It pops out of place and you can see the area that needs lubricant.

was this one also a 29.99 refurbuished