Razer Lachesis 4000dpi Laser Mouse

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Razer Lachesis 4000dpi Laser Mouse
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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How many of these have there been? :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a great price for a great product!

'Nuff said.

I have this mouse I use daily. But oh how much I wished it had green glow.

I have 2 of these mice - 1 I bought new and 1 I bought from a Woot sale a short while back. They both work amazingly! I’m tempted to get another one, just to have as a backup for when they eventually wear down from use.

9 buttons? I click all the wrong things as it is…

That’s not a bad idea, I used to have one as well but because of the way the mice are made as one piece (for the clicks) my left click button ended up basically shorting, it became super sensitive and no longer clicked.

Anyway, I have a Naga now, which was on here earlier, but still, I love Razer mice, they just don’t last forever.

I wanted a clotho based mouse.

3 wired mice, and a wire/wireless combo.

I must have had the same problem. Mine now does multiple clicks on one press.

good morning did i miss the boc while i slept

Nope! BoC has yet to show!

can i go back to bed then its early

Just purchased it. Got the keyboard earlier too.
After lurking around for years and making a account years after I finally made me first two purchases on here.

That’s a known issue with most kinds of Razer mice. I have a Deathadder that I’ve used for several years and it’s fantastic, but the left mouse click has gone faulty and registers multiple clicks very easily.

There are several DIY fixes around the net, but most involve taking apart the mouse and thus voiding the warranty. This being a refurb, that may not be so bad.

razer makes wonderful products. if you find the mouse too twitchy lower the polling frequency so it doesnt detect every heartbeat etc.

paired with the razer Goliathus controll mouse pad i find the amount of resistance with the teflon feet perfect.

Sleep? During the woot-off?! Unheard of. Bust you could probably get away with it if you aren’t looking for any big ticket items this morning. Are these mice really worth shelling out the bills?

thanks for helping to move this along, you wont be disappointed in this mouse either. I have one razer that i use constantly, and I have one of these as back up, the macro buttons are super helpful while browsing the web and for playing minecraft :3

At least one of my Razer mice wound up being Atropos-based, as one of our cats chewed right through the cord.

I was able to splice the USB cord on my Logitech G15 keyboard when it got pinched in a hinge of my computer desk and cut, but I had no luck whatsoever trying to patch that mouse cord. Dammit.