Razer Lachesis Laser Gaming Mouse

Bought one of these from woot before (refurb…)

Great mouse, while it works. Mine died about 6 months after getting it. No longer covered by any sort of warranty.

I use this mouse all the time at home on XP, Windows 7, and Ubuntu. When I received this mouse from Woot, there was no driver disk, so make sure you download the drivers and firmware updates from Razor’s website first.

Anyone know where to get Linux drivers?

I have a Salmosa and like it alot, definitely getting one of these. I’ve been waiting for another Razer mouse deal to get a backup.

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I was really hoping for something in a more wireless flavor. I really need a new mouse. Does this one have that sideways clicky wheel that makes web surfing and side-scrolling video games fun?

Bought one in a previous wooting. It’s still trucking along, but the right mouse button has sadly died.

Replaced with a Razer Mamba from a more recent woot!

Ive had 2 of these and they are amazing, compared to some razer mice which for some reason no longer include the on the fly sensitivity adjustment buttons, makes working precisely either in photoshop or precisely placing the reticle on the enemy’s head and then swapping right back to normal.

No side-to-side mouse wheel unfortunately. I don’t think any razer mice have that handy feature. At least the Lachesis and mamba don’t.

In their defense though, the wheel does feel great for up and down.

Review at techpowerup



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personal review


I missed the Mamba when it was up on woot, but this will definitely do for replacing my garbage Logitech mouse.

Hopefully a Mamba will come up soon and I can regulate this one to back up.

Sad to see there is no side to side on the mouse wheel, I use that now for switching tabs in Firefox. Has 9 buttons though so I’m sure I’ll figure something out!

In for one. I have the DeathAdder from a previous woot and love it. Gonna program the extra buttons for WoW healbot.

I have one of these (from Woot 6/6/2009). I’ve used it a lot, and it has held up very well.

The software installed like a dream on my Windows 7/64 machine.

Smooooth action at high DPI, which is what I want for shooters so I can zip around the playing field. I also play older RPGs, and I don’t use the Razer for them.

The light looks very cool in a darkened room, but after awhile I got bored by the eye candy and just left it switched off.

Only two possible negatives I can see, and neither has bothered me. For one thing, it’s a bulbous ambidextrous mouse, and someone with small hands will likely find it cumbersome. For another, it ha a very skinny cord (surprising for a mouse with a high list price), but again, it has held up fine.

I was thrilled to get this for $34.99. At $5 less, it’s an even bigger steal.

Here’s the Product Website

fixed - thanks zypherion

firmware & drivers

master guide

DUDE that is not the product website. That is for the new 5600dpi revision with multicolor leds.

We, myself and another user, already pointed that out.

The thin cord is a feature, not a flaw. It is lightweight for quick maneuvering.

I recently bought a Logitech MX518 to replace a Razer Copperhead I had recently wear out on me. The fact that less than 2 weeks later I’m buying this mouse should show how satisfied I am with the 518…

I too was thrilled to get this for $34.99. refurb or not, that is half price from retail.

Sorry! Woot must have deleted your posts, so I was left to guess whether 1) my post hadn’t made it in the first place, 2) there was a problem, such as a link to a slow-cooker instead of a mouse, or 3) they really wanted a link to a Titan Nuclear Missile Base for sale.

Thanks for setting me straight again.

Got one of these last fall. It’s fine for most things, but the sensor is borked, and it sometimes jumps to the top of the screen at the most inopportune times (like playing Sniper in Team Fortress 2, for example).

If you’re planning on doing precise movements with your mouse for photo editing or something like that, I would avoid this mouse.

Good for most games though. I crank up the DPI t the highest setting, then set my in-game sensitivity to a low number, which makes scrolling smoother and more controlled.

I’ve never used one myself, but this mouse has a really bad rep among gamers because it’s shape can make it physically painful to use.

Taking a look at it, if you’re cupping it with your palm and your wrist is off the pad it looks like it would be fine, but if that’s not how you’re going to be holding it I wouldn’t get this.