Razer Lachesis Laser Gaming Mouse

Hopefully this will last longer than my last razer mouse. This will either break or make my experience with razer stuff. I know nothing lasts forever but when you pay over $70 for a razer and it starts having problems in less then 3 years it kinda shakes your trust in them. This is cheap enough here to make it worth it, but I’ve had microsoft mice be more reliable then my RIP razer. Time will tell.

I’ve had this one too. Like many of the others, I thought it was great, felt great, fast, etc… until it stopped within half a year.

mine was DOA. razer replaced it with a brand new mouse, which has worked fine until recently, when the middle click has gotten less sensitive (sometimes it doesn’t fire even when you clearly feel a click in the mouse)

Oh poo! Woot, you took too long and I couldn’t wait. My sweetie’s new gaming mouse arrived from Amazon on Friday.

You’ve never used it, and you’re going by the ‘look’ for how it might be used? Really?

As a gamer, I’ve used it, and it’s an excellent mouse even in FPS games. Sheesh, don’t comment if you’re just going to pull stuff outta yer rear end.

Is this compatable with Mac OSX 10.6.4? It seems at their main website the Razer Mamba says it is, although when I go to the Razer Lachesis it says nothing about Mac…


Mine stopped working pretty quickly too. Not to mention I had to fix the “squeaky” left and right click buttons. Some of their mice have this problem, which is solved by getting some WD40/3-in-1 oil in between the buttons, where the plastic goes down into the mouse.

I recently switched back to my Logitech G5, because Razer mice are SUPER light. When using a mouse, I need it to have some weight. I found with the Razer, that the mouse is so light that if there’s any extra cord slack, the mouse will recoil a bit after moving it somewhere. Impossible for gaming or photoshop.

Zack uses it: Player Profile.

I have read that the thumb buttons may not work, though.

I had one break on me after heavy gaming for nearly a year.

I bought one of these from woot a year ago or so. Not for gaming – just to have a decent mouse. It’s given me no problems at all and I’d buy it again.

I’ve had other Razer mice go out in a year of less, in the clicking department. I say that here with out having owned this particular model, because every time I’ve opened them, they use essentially the same button system (I’m referring to the main left and right, and the side buttons). Not sure with these middle buttons, although I’ve had the scroll wheel button go out.

Despite having the buttons go out, and I honestly don’t think I can complain about that so much, 10 - 15+ hours a day on wow, 7 night a week raider, that’s most likely 2 - 3 years usage to the targeted user. I keep going back. Their mice are some of the most precise on the market, comparing per price point.

I’ve been using Razer mice since the first 1.6 showed up on Woot nearly 4 years ago, I pretty much refuse to use any other brand.

I bought this in a previous Woot so I will comment. It’s an OK gaming mouse but poorly suitable for my medium-sized guy hand. The ergonomics forces your fingers to be outstretched, as opposed to be curled, which is far more comfortable. For perspective, my Logitech G9 is a perfect fit. Wish Woot would put some of them on sale.

this mouse is a old version of lachesis

current lachesis is (5600dpi Razer Precision™ 3.5G laser sensor) $80

also doesn’t seem 2 have ability 2 change glow colors 2 the any1 you would like


good deal i would buy i been waiting for this 2 come 2 woot forever

but still waiting for a non refurburished
half the comment n reviews here says theirs broke down or is dead now

c mon sell me a oem or new

if ur lucky u can got a DOA one n razer will replace with a BRAND new one GL with tat

I think comparing a high end Razer gaming mouse to a logitech MX mouse is incredibly biased. I use a Logitech G9x and am very happy with it. If you palm your mouse this Razer would probably be great, but if you use your fingertips i would recommend something more like the G9

The second part was speculation, but the first part had empirical evidence behind it. I’ve had gamer friends who have tried this mouse and several of them ended up selling it because it hurt their wrists to use it, that’s not pulled out of my rear end.

A mouse named after a snake . . . perhaps some sinister agenda by a radical group of venomous vipers hoping to bring about the destruction of all micekind.

As many have said, it’s a great mouse, but only while it works. I got a refurb during a woot-off a few months back, and it was great for awhile. Within the past few weeks, the middle mouse button stopped working correctly when clicked(scrolling was still functional). So I ordered a brand new one, which I only installed today, and the middle mouse button is already malfunctioning. It either doesn’t register the clicks, or it double/triple clicks. If you’re someone that uses the middle mouse button to open tabs when browsing the internet, you can imagine how frustrating this can get.

I sent Razer tech support an email, and I’ll wait for a reply, but odds are that I’m gonna wind up returning this because this is just ridiculous.

Got this for about 2 years now! it took a couple hours to get used to the new feel of it. but now i love it and ain’t going back to any other mouses, its quite durable with me dropping it a lot and soaking it once with water ( i dried it in rice and salt and it was good to go again )

Would probably taste better with a dollop of butter though. That’s what Paula Deen would say anyway.

Due to a motorcycle accident, I’m now a southpaw. I know the write-up says that it’s ambidextrous, but are there some buttons on the right side of the mouse? Buttons that a lefty would use his thumb on?
I can only see the two buttons on the left of the mouse and I haven’t found any pics that shows the other side.