Razer Lycosa Back Lit Gaming Keyboard

I have four Razer model mouses (mice? meese?) but haven’t gone in for the keyboard yet. Will this be the one?

For a second there, I thought it said “Lycra” and not “Lycosa.” Then I washed the morning outta my eyes.

I got all excited until I saw the “refurbished”…

Good review and a video here

$63 retail

I loved this keyboard while it lasted. It lasted about a year with heavy use. It made leaving the lights off in the room at night SO much easier. Note: mine was a refurb.

Horrible keyboard!

I own a non-refurb and all it does is squeak when I type. Keys lock up on it, and the feel of the keyboard is not the greatest.

Stay away. Razer is NOT what it used to be.

I bought one of these a few weeks ago. Pretty good keyboard, the keys look really cool lit up at night. My only complaint is some of the numbers on the number key pad are “sticky”. You press it down, and they slowly decompress. A small nuisance with this particular one I got, but over all great keyboard!

EDIT this was a refurb I bought off woot

This is a pretty nice keyboard for the price. I use it for gaming and the backlit keys are great when I’m gaming in my den at night. The backlighting has 3 options. All on, all off, and WASD keys on. The keys are a little louder than I’d like, but it’s not that bad. I would highly recommend it. I purchased it about two Woot Off’s ago.

Gah, nice keyboards but not sure about Refurb.

The correct plural for computer mice is “mouses.”

Snagged one of these keyboards, good timing since I just dumped coffee in my Saitek.

So its a “gaming keyboard” because it lights up? next!

I’d bit only if the backlight lights up red.

good price on these (refurb or not) they’re a nice keyboard if you like slim keys.

If razer offered a full height key version I would buy it in a heartbeat

refurb keyboard?


Not enough sanitizer on the planet.

I bought this same thing, refurbished, over a year ago. To this day it still works like the day I got it, no extra noises, no worn out letters/keys and all the lights still work. I’d buy this if I didn’t already have one. Oh, and it helps if you don’t spill drinks and food particles on it, it probably won’t squeak.

This is madness! I paid nearly 100 coins for this keyboard and now it’s available for less than 35. Great keyboard. I play alot of different games and it’s nice to be able to switch keyboard profiles on the fly.

In for one. Great experience with Razer products. I own/have owned Deathadder mouse, N52TE controller (its cobranded with Belkin), a Piranha headset, Barracuda sound card, Barracuda headset. They have all been quality pieces. My only complaint is that the cords aren’t “catproof”. KITTEH!!! NOT A STRINGY!!! All kidding aside I’m excited about this purchase.

Looks way smooth. However I had keys start locking up on me after only about three uses. Very disappointing…

Mornin all!

I’d be in for 1 if it was wireless. Would be nice to have a backlit keyboard for the living room.

Oooooh. $35 for a corded keyboard. Pass.