Razer Lycosa Back Lit Gaming Keyboard

You will never get this thing clean.
I bought it. You shouldn’t.

I got this from the last Woot-off. I love it!

Haha, holy shit. Yeah this thing does get pretty dirty… but it’s cool. I bought it last year for my boyfriend at the time for 90 dollars.

logitech g15’s are waaaaay better

Pretyy good rvuews at Amazon.

this would be nice for use at night but who still uses straight keyboards? come on guys get with the 90’s

I was all set to buy until I read this… What’s wrong with it? Just a dust magnet?

Edit: Oh well, doesn’t matter now :stuck_out_tongue:

Cleaning aside, I’ve had one for about a year and gaming just isn’t the same without it.

In the dark, the blue keys are sexy and easy on the eyes and the media player controls work on every Audio software I could find (I use Xion currently).

You can disable the Windows key as well, but the keys are so comfortable and well placed you shouldn’t have any problems like that.

wanted one, but it sold out faster than a boc :frowning:

I have had nothing but trouble with this keyboard. Particular keys will stop working and the media keys spontaneously change music. After back and forth emails with Razer, I exchanged for a new keyboard from them, only to have the new one have the same problems. And I had to pay the shipping.

WOW I really wanted one of these and its gone