Razer Lycosa Gaming Keyboard

I got one of these on deals.woot a few months back.

I absolutely love it.


Looks nice, too bad not wireless.

Do Want, just no need currently =/

Been wanting a backlit kb… wish it was wireless tho.

Also bought one a while back, love it so far.

I received this keyboard in my only B.O.C. It’s
been a good keyboard, especially when working in low light. I haven’t used it for gaming, though.

I have this keyboard and it’s really great, nice and bright keys and let’s me use multiple key presses simultaneously with no issues. Only problem I do have is I have to turn the lights on manually from the Razer app when the computer turns on.

I bought this keyboard from Woot and I LOVE it. I’m not a gamer, but I like a sweet looking computer. Highly recommend it. Backlit keys were my main impetus, but it has other features (like macros) that are occasionally handy. Only con - the matte finish gets dirty…

Where the heck did the Dyson go? I just came back to order it, and its gone? I just saw it 30 mins ago!

Bought two of these during a best buy black friday clearance for $40 each, this was last year. Both of them were trashed because the keys were breaking randomly on them, the plastic clips snapped… They are not durable at all and the reviews are less than positive

saving for a mechanical keyboard… mechanical this is not.

Is this a mechanical keyboard?

If any of you get bored


enter that into the URL and play the crapshoot game!

Would this work with a Mac? Can the macros be programmed to act like the secondary functions of the function keys on a mac keyboard (volume up, down, mute, display brightness up,down, etc…)?

for gaming responsiveness, you absolutely don’t want wireless. Prepare to die during some serious pvp action haters!

oh yeah, and First sucker!

Is this waterproof? I really need a waterproof keyboard for those long lonely nights…

Rubber domed… I believe the Razer Black Widow is mechanical but not sure which switches it has.

KILL IT WITH FIRE!!! I bought one of these from the last time it was on woot. The first one had an issue where the media keys did not work or even light up. I got an RMA on it for a replacement. The replacement would turn the lights off by itself or some keys would simply FAIL at random. That one is currently in the mail back to woot for a refund. AVOID THIS WOOT OF FAIL!!!