Razer m100 Pro|Solutions Protone In-Ear Earphone

have the out of ear headphones from them. Overall pretty good quality.

Have these and LOVE them… work great and the case is great for fitting an iPod in… definitely worth the $.

I just started using woot. Can someone explain what a Banjo of Consternation is? Also, how often do woot-offs happen? Thanks for helping out a newbie!

First? Anyone know if these are any good?

wonder why it took so long for the comments link to pop up?


Wow, something else no one needs

not that great i have 2 pairs

Great headphones. I liked the first ones I got from Woot so much, I bought another pair the next time they came around.

Pass…again…again…and again… I want a razor mouse!!!

From the man with no woots…

These look identical to a pair of Logitech in-ear buds that I own, which are basically identical to some much more expensive Sennheisers… based on that, I’d say this is a great deal if you need to listen to something.

bag of crap ? ? ?

Most comfortable headphones I’ve ever owned.


Bought these to go with my Zune & they’re great for the price! Everybody buy 2!

There’s irony in that post.

Bought these a while back during a 2-for-Tuesday… Recommended!!! Great sound out of these! Comes with different sized ear connectors also, 3 if I remember correctly. Carrying case fits my 80g video iPod just fine when travelling also.

any TVs yet today?

I can vouch that these taste delicious.