Razer Mamba Dual Mode Wired / Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse

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Razer Mamba Dual Mode Wired / Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Now that guy who really wanted a mouse can get a mouse.


good mouse but not so good software…at least for me.


Can we at least get some mousepads?


Dear Whoever Wanted a Mouse:

You’re Welcome!


its not an apple product. NEXT.

I’ve owned a Mamba, it was a very smooth mouse and it lasted a long time.

My friend has this mouse and he says he loves it, it has great response and he doesn’t have to switch mice to go wireless.

not this crap again…

Can also attach to sharks heads.

Are these any good with Eve? My hubby plays and needs a new mouse, don’t want to spend $64.99 if it won’t work.

lol yea… but I was hoping for the 35 dollar one! crap! 65 bucks…I got like a good 2 minutes to decide… ugh…

my moms gonna kill me if i sit on here all day she says i have other things to do besides sit on woot

There hasn’t been any of that around for way too many woot-offs. :wink:

This is a freaking awesome product at a really great price…it’s almost like the old w00t.

Buy up, folks…you need at least two of these.

Dang Legislative Sessions! Everything conspires to keep me away from the Woot-Off! Did I miss anything? Sham-Wows, knives, cables, hmmm. Guess I’m ok for now. Have to get back soon and push to have Woot-Off! Days declared state holidays!

Have the 2-button wired-only version and LOVE IT! It’s the best. Driver software works on Mac and PC and you can edit the button actions.