Razer Mamba Wired / Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse

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Razer Mamba Wired / Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse [Refurbished] - $69.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Razer Mamba Laser Gaming Mouse

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“at least 35MB of hard disk space (for drivers)”


I wish I had time for games… those were the days back in college… playing some half life… or counter strike… even some GoldenEye N64 style… great times.

amazon has it for 115 by the looks of it

though no idea how this performs

I’ve wanted this mouse since it came out. Too bad I just spent my play money upgrading my wife’s computer. Story of my life.

If you aren’t a gamer, this mouse isn’t for you. It is overkill. If you are a serious gamer, chances are you already know about this mouse.

It is one of the few wireless mice capable of working really well for gaming (and yes, it can be wired too).

Here is a great review by Gizmodo comparing the Mamba to the Sidewinder X8 (the other great wireless gaming mouse):

Anybody got $75 I can borrow?

The n64 doesn’t support the drivers for razer products, try a logitech.

Great mouse. I’m kicking myself for buying a Logitech Performance last week, I’d be all over this.

Lotsa good reviews at Google Products

and a cnet review

Does this work with a PS3?

I looked it up, can’t find anyone testing it but I’ll just assume it won’t.

This mouse got 4 out of 5 eggs at Newegg.com

Here’s all 172 reviews below.


w00tert00ts! First woot! :smiley: Just in time too!

anyone know if i can program the buttons to copy/paste?

One thing about this mouse really confuses me: Why would Elton John go to that wedding?

Wow. What absolutely perfect timing. My DeathAdder which I bought last year broke recently (my fault entirely, a combination of allowing a lot of friction on the cord, and getting a new cat who liked to chew on said cord), and I’ve been having to make do with my 4 year old Logitech G7, which has some serious issues with worn out buttons. I was planning on grabbing a Lachesis, but at just 20 bucks more, this is impossible to pass up.

Wireless and gaming just does not make sense to me.

I have a Razer Lachesis but I assume the software is the same. You can reprogram any button to do whatever you like. Just load up the Razer configuration program, click on the button and then advanced functions, and then set it for a macro. I currently have mine set up to control my media player which is really nice!

I have owned this mouse for almost a year now, and can safely say that it is amazing. The resolution is superb; a mere twitch of your hand will send the cursor flying across the largest screens, and the easy sensitivity adjustment buttons allow you to easily slow it down for those more intimate (photo editing) moments. The mouse has better battery life than stated, as it lasts me at least 3 days on an overnight charge. The macro keys can be programmed to hundreds of commands with the wonderful software,and of course, Razer products are always the best looking on the market. Overall, i would recommend this mouse to anyone that needs a very high precision sensor, for gaming or otherwise.

It’s a standard USB human interface device, so it’ll work where any other mouse would work - on Windows, Mac, Linux, the PS3, or anything else which supports USB mice.

However, for the PS3, not much stuff supports mouse input. I know Unreal Tournament III works with it, just like on the PC, but as far as I know that’s it. Almost all PS3 games only work with the PS3 controller. You can buy controller-to-mouse adapters, but honestly they don’t work very well. The biggest advantage of using a mouse is that it gives you a big range of control - from whipping around rapidly, to tiny little adjustments. The fastest the mouse adapter things can work is the “stick pushed all the way in one direction” setting, so it’s the same amount of input control in a different form factor.