Razer Mamba Wired / Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse

Eek a mouse!

Does this work with Ubuntu Linux running WINE?

i was mad i missed the last sale on this… this is 129 at best buy i was looking at it today… freaking awesome mouse…

no way im paying 70 bucks for a refurb mouse.

I own the wired version of this mouse and it is a great mouse. I highly recommend it.

‘gaming mouse’ and ‘wireless mouse’ is a contradiction…

70 bucks and it a refurb?? yikes.

Can you raise gaming mice legally?

at least it’s not the alabama black snake mouse


I wasn’t aware mice were considered game animals. They are varmints where I come from.

I have a Razer wireless Blue Tooth mouse and can’t get it to work. So sceptical on this one.

this was at sellout two weeks ago

I have a Razer Salmosa wired gaming mouse. It is superb. Unfortunately, I can’t spend money on this right now. Shame.

This mouse needs 35MB of disk space for the drivers? Does it also need a gig of RAM? The efficiency of Windoze never ceases to amaze and delight.

Now, this would be just Swell for playing ‘Pong!’


this is the same product correct?

My friend IceCube wants to know:

Will this help him get more kills in Bad Company 2?

It can go from wireless to wired mode.