Razer Mamba Wired / Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse

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I don’t have experience with this precise model but my experience in the pay with Razer mice has always been a positive one. It took me awhile to get used to the throbbing light in the hilt of the mouse, but on all accounts they’ve been top notch gaming mice, and the fact that this can be both wired and wireless is a very tempting offer…refurbed tho…sketchyyyy

Unboxing and review at YouTube

The pulsating light can be disabled in the Razer configuration program. I’ve owned a couple of Razer mice so far and love them. I would be tempted to buy this mouse but I have no need for another one at the moment.

YOU’RE BACK. We missed you, it took us forever to find the product websites and manuals for everything. Welcome back!

The 14 hour battery life should be more than enough unless you’re THAT kind of gamer(get off of World of Warcraft).

Review at OC3D

and Amazon

and a quickie at engadget

Here’s where to find the manual and drivers.

Wow, that plate looks ridiculous. Everyone at the board meeting will laugh at you if you whip that out and scoot it across the table. The color scheme does look great though.

The only thing that worries me is the referb, i haven’t had experience with refurbished mice before…

Here’s another previous wooting if anyone is interested.


Think it was a wootoff so might be limited usefulness but you never know.

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Wow, I bought this the last time it was offered (after planning on buying it as a replacement for my Logitech G7 once that finally dies) and it sat on my desk (I haven’t been playing FPSs for a while for no particular reason) until a couple hours ago. I’ve just used it for the first time and this is a great gaming mouse. I’ve never had a problem with wireless mice to begin with, let alone gaming mice, and the Mamba is extremely responsive & precise with plenty of configurable buttons. I use a separate mouse (Logitech Performance Mouse MX) for regular, non-gaming functions but I enthusiastically recommend the Mamba for any gamer. Even as a refurbished item mine showed no signs of previous use. Don’t let the price put you off if you’re at all serious about your [FPS] games.

I bought one new at a $110 (and that was the discounted price!) about 9 months ago or so, and it was totally worth it. Now, don’t me wrong, the mouse shouldn’t be worth $110 itself, but the baseline for a decent mouse starts around $50-60. With that in mind, I find that this mouse was easily worth the price difference from any decent mouse. At $70, it’s actually quite a steal.

It is every bit as responsive as it claims it is as long as it has high battery, but I notice that it seems significantly less responsive in the second half of its battery life, so you should keep this in mind when deciding if the battery life is sufficient. Wired mode is quite excellent, and switching between wired and wireless is easy and painless (sync the station and mouse once and it’s good until you remove the mouse’s battery, even if you unplug the base station or turn off the mouse) the mousing experience itself (sensitivity settings, how well it slides, button locations, yadda yadda) are nothing short of superb.

So, tl;dr version: as long as the refurb is fine, the price is extraordinary for this mouse.

I bought this mouse as an upgrade from my Logitech VX Revolution, and I have to say, this is the BEST mouse I have ever owned.

I got this the last time it was up here. Worked right away, easy set up, and it really does make a difference in those sessions of TF2 of mine. The programing was a little tricky at first, but any gamer worth their Gil can quickly figure it all out.

The added benefit of being able to change from wireless to wired when the battery is running low has saved my ass a few times when in the middle of a game.

I can’t recommend this thing highly enough. If you love to game on your PC (or Mac), any type of gaming, then get this mouse. Unless of course you are an MMO nut, and only play games like WoW. In that case, look at the Naga.

A lot of Razers come with those thin no-tangle cords. This one has more of a mesh cord, but does anyone know, is it a no-tangle also, or is it susceptible to getting bunched up?

I’m sorry, but your still a nutjob… thanks for being late…:wink:

I’m not exactly sure what would qualify a cord to be “no-tangle”, but in 9 or so months of use I’ve never once had any issues with tangling, twisting, or bunching. My old Logitech G5 was an entirely different story in that regard and, except for the fact that I usually keep my Mamba in wireless mode except when I forget to charge it, I use the mouse in pretty much the same way.

I bought this the last time it was on sale, roughly a month ago. The mouse has been great so far, I highly recommend it. Only issue is the wheel squeaks now.