Razer Mice & Keyboards

FINALLY! I’ve been looking everywhere for a Mac specific keyboard that has a Windows key on it and no CMD! Nobody else has them! Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good catch but darn if I can find a picture of one with the CMD key.

So the picture is wrong? I don’t really feel like dumping $80 when I can’t even see the real product.

We’re asking the vendor for more info. We don’t have a sample and other retailers have the same pic we do.

Here is a pic of one with Mac keys.

First thing Google Image search turned up.

It might not be the exact model though.

Call me crazy, but it might be helpful on a site selling products, to have actual pictures of the products.

Yeah, we’re still waiting on the vendor. I’ll send this over to the team for research.

Will this work on my Mac?

(someone had to ask)