Razer Nabu Watch with Smart Features

Razer Nabu Watch with Smart Features

Where is the secondary screen, and what kind of display does it give?

I really like the looks of this watch but learned my lesson with smart watches. Go to the play store and read the reviews on the app. Scrolled through the most recent reviews and had a hard time finding anything positive at all, mostly 1 star. At least this is a functioning watch without the app. If you want to use the smart features of any watch, the app determines how useful and accurate it is.

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Got to charge it every WEEK… AND replace a battery every YEAR? I have had a Casio watch for twenty years. I have NEVER changed the battery (it’s solar) nor have I EVER had to set it (WWV2 radio signal). As cool as this looks, it sounds more like a PITA.

What’s the difference between the forged model and the black and green one?

The black and green one is black with green accents around the function buttons. The forged model doesn’t have the green around the buttons.

That’s why the black one costs more?

Forged model has metal buttons and such, the other model is molded plastic. The metal is where the ‘forged’ comes from.