Razer Naga 17-Button Gaming Mouse

if only this had 18 buttons.

Dang. I need a mouse, but not a gaming mouse. I want a $7 cheapie.

No warning on that switch.

Highly recommend. If you game, DO NOT MISS THIS MOUSE. Once you go to a Naga and get used to it, you’ll wonder how the hell you ever gamed without one.

Sweet mouse only if I had the $$

Dang it, only 17 buttons? I need at least 18.


Great mouse, good price is refurbished though.

Came here to say just that …


Now my Mamba will have company. Been waiting to see this on woot for awhile now.

Excellent mouse for MMOs. It basically has a num pad on the side and you can make it so they can also act as additional buttons.

I love this mouse. Got the refurb last wootoff. The side buttons are great, but the reinforced wire is really a plus too.

I have one of these bad boys, works great for more than just MMOs

Yeah, I don’t want my mouse to have more thumb buttons than a PS3 controller has for two hands.


in a row?!?

I am holding out for the 34 button model!

Naga please.

I’m going to macro vowels onto it to make word documents easier

Too bad its a refurb.