Razer Naga 17 Button Laser Gaming Mouse

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any body know if this can be programed to work on the Ps3, more importantly work in games on the Ps3?

People might say that this is for World of Warcraft or any other MMO. WRONG I SAY! you can bind the side buttons with the movement keys for first person shooters! Play with one hand! Leave your other hand petting you kitty while you point out to your friends that you’re playing with one hand and laugh menacingly at them.

Also, anyone know how to make the key work as a dialpad? It would be cool if I was able to “type” using only one hand.

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Love this mouse! I bought two of them off Amazon recently to go with two new gaming rigs I built. They’re great for use with WoW. The buttons on the side map to all the buttons down your primary action bar by default (1 to 0, - and +). It doesn’t take that much to get used to them and it comes with bumpy training stickers you can place on to help. And now woot, I have a third!

I only have 9 and a half fingers. What in the world will the other 8.5 buttons do?

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That’s an awesome mouse but what would i do with so many buttons

I have this mouse, paid twice as much for it on Amazon. While I don’t play MMOs much anymore, the extra buttons still come in handy in pretty much any application. It’s comfortable, seems well built, software is easy to use.

I don’t really have anything bad to say about it.

I wonder what the inventors of the computer mouse would think of this monstrosity.

I bought this through Razer directly, but I was skeptical. It’s all humped up in the middle and looked cumbersome with all the buttons on the side. I tell you what, though, it’s probably the most comfortable mouse I’ve used in the past 5 years.

Sure it’s for MMO’s, and since I play Star Trek Online a lot, being able to map so many commands to so many buttons near just one digit is beneficial. You can even map a multiple-key “macro” to do several things in quick succession on one button. I quickly found that I can map the buttons for other programs as well. Quick keys for Microsoft Expression Web and Design cut production time by a fair margin.

It’s a great device. Combine it with the Razer Sphex mousing surface and you’ve got not only a high speed, low drag gaming experience, but it helps out in many other aspects as well. Grab it.

Are the keys able to be programmed to anything other than gaming hotkeys? I do play WoW, but would love to know if this might work for certain tasks in Photoshop and other Adobe software.

Edit: Finally found this! The old ones only worked in MMOs, but apparently the new drivers will support keybindings in other programs, there’s just a limit on how many keybinding profiles you can have.

Can you create different keymap profiles and then bind those to the launching of different executables, ala Logitech Setpoint?

I was wondering the same thing. according to this yes, they released a driver back in January that does exactly that.

It won’t do anything special on a PS3. It should work as a regular wheel mouse, but you need to install the Windows or OS X drivers to map the 12 side keys to what you want.

Tempted to get this… anyone have any experience with refurb’d Razer products?

I bought a Razer Lachesis mouse,Lycosa keyboard, and a pair of Barracuda headphones off of Woot so far. All were refurbs and they perform wonderfully.

I’m in for one. As much as I love my Lachesis, I really do need more mouse buttons. I’m only concerned about forgetting which buttons are assigned to what. :stuck_out_tongue:

if this was a left hand mouse i would be in.

17 Buttons?!

Naga, what?