Razer Naga 17 Button Laser Gaming Mouse

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Razer Naga 17 Button Laser Gaming Mouse
$44.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Razer Naga 17 Button 5600dpi Laser Gaming Mouse

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Wow, a whole $5 cheaper then when it was on sellout.woot.

NO MORE MICE. Enough already.

2 buttons confuse me!

If it had 18 buttons I’d buy

I’m confused. I know people named Naga but I don’t see why it is racist.

Doesn’t everyone need a $45 mouse? Buy 3!

$2.65 per button

WTF, this is the same item I fell asleep to. Did they circle around?

This wootoff is going to go on for days with carp like this! Seriously woot get some quality items and stop shoving things down our throats we already bought at the last 200 wootoffs.

This looks like a carpal tunnel accident just waiting to happen…

ughh I want another Razer mouse but not this one, don’t need all those buttons, no more MMO’s for me =|

What the heck do you do with 17 buttons? That’s more than my TV remote has.

17? Why not more?!? If only I had an 18 button mouse then I would go for it. But 17? It’s just not enough.

On a more serious note: I don’t think I would remember what all 17 buttons did. I have a hard enough time remembering what all the gestures are on my MagicMouse and it only has ONE button!

I often use keystrokes but I wonder if this is overkill?

It’s not a true W00T0FF till a gaming mouse appears.

It was the cooking boards for me…jees… I don’t get all these buttons anyway. I get want to configure, but this seems to be way overkill for me, how are you going to pick one of those buttons without looking down at what your doing?

the evolution of machines is moving towards less and less moving parts, therefore a mouse with 45 buttons is moving towards the stone age.

A Naga is a mythical creature. Something like a snake with arms.