Razer Naga 17 Button Laser Gaming Mouse


ooooooo… pretty.

I’m using a Razer Mouse right now, less buttons but I don’t need 17. I love the mice and keyboards made by Razer.

They’re best for gamers so if youre not, slow that mouse down in your control panel.

Can’t see spending $50 on a wired mouse, but I don’t do a lot of gaming either.

I don’t even have a gaming computer, but for some reason I have a strange compulsion to buy this mouse…

if it was wireless I would buy one

I bought this mouse a while back. If you are a gamer, this mouse id AMAZING for playing, right now I’m playing Thief Gold (Love it) and its great for having all your tools of the trade at a thumb press. It does take some getting used to, but once you get used to it its great!

The sleep-deprived part of me wants to buy it simply for the light-up blue snake thingy. @_@ Must… resist… the shiny…

17 buttons???

Guess I just might be getting old-ish. 5 buttons is about all I can keep track of. LOL

It’s the pretty blue that has you wanting to buy it.

I bought the Razer Lachesis at the last Wootoff and I’m very happy with it. But I can’t really see a use for 17 buttons!


I think it’s ugly…prefer simple here

That’s gotta be the coolest-looking mouse I’ve ever seen.

How easy is it to press those 12 buttons on the side? It seems like they are clustered close and also further down than would be easy to hit.

Do you just always have to look first before pressing? Like a hunt and peck typer?

I’m usin a lesser version but all the Razer mice I have used have been spectacular. On the Fly sensitivity changing is glorious. And the light up snake pulses

I used to use wireless mice, the trouble is a fickle receiver or a dead battery, and it just makes frustration. I thought I’d never like a wired mouse either but after using this one I actually prefer it. As was stated above, this is indeed a gamers mouse, if you don’t play many PC games then wireless is the way to go.

I use this mouse for the arena in WoW. I absolutely love it, but the market for this device is relatively tiny. Most people who game probably don’t need it. Most people who play WoW don’t even need it. But if you’re running out of keybinds, or like having them for your thumb as well…this thing is amazing.

Good reviews frow WoW players…