Razer Naga 17-Button Laser Gaming Mouse

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Razer Naga 17-Button Laser Gaming Mouse
$44.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Crap, really want, but not sure about refurb. What do you guys think?

I’ve bought a refurbished Razer Lachesis from Woot. It basically had none of the original packaging, and it had a few scratches on the bottom of the mouse. This was true for all the mice my friends and I received. If you don’t mind that, then its worth saving a few bills then.

I have trouble handing a 2 button mouse… 17 is just crazy talk

Have 2 refurb razer mice, both worked like champs. Dog killed first one, other i’m using now. I would have been happier if the naga had 9 number pad buttons, so they could be a bit bigger though.

Come on, scooba

For $50 i dont think it is really worth it. Ive seen this mouse new for around $60 on some sites and ive seen it “like-new” on craigslist for like $40.

Refurbished products go through a lot more testing than normal products. I have bought several refurbished products in the past from woot and have not had any problems with any of them.

Each and every refurb has been inspected - as opposed to 1 out of every hundred coming off the lot new. Refurbished products are great money savers

Maybe I’m the only one awake. Sorry, I can’t help with your question.

Don’t buy refurb Razors. Mine came from Woot with some nerd’s hand gunk on the sides and has had performance problems (That could just be because Razors suck sometimes…)

I have a Lachesis right now actually. Wanted a Naga for a long time, but when I actually got money, I wanted to hold on to the money!

This is REALLY a good deal though! Still not sure, looks like I have a few mins to decide.

I bought a refurbed Razer Death Adder from Woot several months back. Hasn’t given me a reason to think there’s a problem. I wouldn’t be worried by the word “refurbished.”

There’s a mac for that

Using a refurb Diamondback right now… but the left button is going out on me… hrm…

This is a very nice mouse at the price, but I prefer my mice a little heavier (I mean physically heavier, as with the weight.) Whether you’re gaming or just doing precision mouse tasks, it’s nice to have a little more heft behind what you’re doing.

Razor is of course very high quality, and I can’t imagine the refurbishment matters much. Don’t get imposed by 17 buttons; only the ones you program will do stuff.

If your friends have one, and you get some alone time with it, you can set the hotbuttons to do stuff like open porn links whenever he mistakenly hits it. That’s pretty lulzy.

Anyone have any luck winning either game yet for the bag of crap

Loved your comment!

Also running on moofi right as an identical deal. http://deals.woot.com/deals/details/f7655973-7759-4319-a3a1-6bd691760ca2/razer-naga-17-button-laser-gaming-mouse-refurbished

I can’t guarantee they’ll still be in stock when they sell out in the woot-off!, but if you hesitated and decided to go for it a minute too late, hit the moofi link to buy it from woot!'s other front.

Now I’m wondering how hard those little buttons will be to push since I have long fingernails. Prefer to hit them with my thumb instead of my thumbnail. I better decide fast from what I see on my Wootchecker. ><