Razer Naga Epic Gaming Mouse

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Razer Naga Epic Gaming Mouse
$69.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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is this the 5th picture or did I miss one?

Another piece of the Map!

As a Razer fanboy, I’m in love with this woot-off.

To the best of my hunting, this is the fifth piece!

5th Piece, unless they are hiding them in other .woot sites.

Browsing the woot-off using this bad boy now. Love it!

FYI, you can go back and dig up the old pieces if you missed any (like I did because sleep was more precious than booty. At that time.)

Why does everyone feel the need to immediately say, “In case you’re interested in reducing my chances of acquiring something I’m trying to get, the entire day, let me help you so you don’t have to spend the time!”???

It’s a Rap Reese!

City of Heroes is no longer…d’oh!

Write-up mentions City of Heroes. That game, awesome as it was, is effectively dead. NCSoft closed Paragon Studios. Sigh.

They aren’t. All are on www.woot.com


'Cuz most people who bother to comment are already in on the hunt, me hearty!

Besides, when I don’t get anything out of it, I can find someone to blame. Oh, wait. That’d be me.


How long have you owned it? Every Razer product I’ve owned (headphones, two mice) has booched out in less than a year. Anything with their proprietary lithium batteries has stopped charging after only a few months. I’ve sworn off Razer for Logitech, myself, but I’m curious how this one has treated you.

Well, I only have 3 map pieces, so I guess I am behind.

oh, how i WISH that anything would ever be left handed around here.

I know, overstock stuff. But I am always sad.

I know I’m two behind, but I think I know where this is going…