Razer Nari Essential Gaming Headset

Razer Nari Essential Gaming Headset

Price too good to be true, ordered these headsets being a huge razer fanboy, received a knockoff box and product, even though it says new, what the hell man, now I have to go through the hassle of replacement or probably return :frowning:
This is gonna be my last purchase from woot, I’ll be sticking with just amazon from now onwards.

Hi there. I’m sorry for the poor experience. I’ve sent your feedback to the computer team to investigagte.

Follow up on this. They are legit and shipped in “Frustration-free packaging” that Amazon promotes.

We’ve added this note to the sale:

“Hey Wooters, these Razer Nari Essential headset are shipped in Frustration Free Packaging. This means that the packaging is made easy to open and does not contain any extra plastic inserts and may be different from the standard retail packaging”

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I did purchase these headphones earlier. I don’t remember the box, but I did receive the stickers and little tracts from Razer. The headphones are really good. Very comfortable. I use them to teach online. The mic was my main concern, and I love how I can put away from my face so they can’t hear me. Also the mic is unobtrusive. Bass is really heavy though. Must be good for RPGs…

I hope you guys do more due diligence on putting this kind of “special packaging” information before listing the product on sale on your site so that a rational consumer can plan better to order a product or not to be given as a gift to someone.
One more thing is that headset left speaker has a lot of crackling noise.
Now put everything together and you can see, what a “great” experience I had making this purchase.
I will be returning the product as well the replacement sent to me which will arrive maybe by the end of next century.

Absurdly unprofessional, very disheartened.
Here are the pictures of the replacement I received after waiting so long.
Packaging is damaged, box inside crushed open. tape sticking on the headset.
I don’t even want to write anymore, I am just done, once I return this order and the painfully funny thing is that return packaging is going to be way better than how it was received.

Well crap. I’ve passed this on to our buyer so they can work with the vendor.

These are great… too great… my kids keep taking mine and my wife’s… could you, would you lift the limit? soonish? Just need 2 more, pretty please. :pleading_face:

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