Razer Nostromo Gaming Keypad

This thing any good? Feels like there aren’t enough buttons, even for fps’s.

Last time it was up, I was pretty close to snagging it, but seeing the Logitech G13 stopped me.

Pick one of these up and program it for photo editing. Work has never been so fun Lightroom/Aperture FTW. !!double points!!

I have wanted to get the logitech version for a long time but at this price i am going to pick this up. I think personally i might use it for for games that use macro’s like MMo’s. Instead of an MMo mouse you can just use this. at $40 it isn’t that big of an investment either

Or maybe you want something actually productive. how about …

Hardware Requirements

PC with USB port
Windows® 7 / Windows Vista® / Windows® XP / Mac OS X (v10.4 and above)
Internet connection (for driver installation)
At least 35MB of hard disk space

{from store.razerzone.com}

Hey woot,

Didn’t I just buy this 2 weeks ago from tech.woot for 5 dollars more?

Doesn’t seem right.

Welcome to Sellout woot, It’s a place where woot lowers prices to liquidate small amounts remaining stock even faster.

Hence the name Sellout

Fun Fact: This was Tech.woot’s Launch Item

Was what you bought refurbished? I’d rather not have refurb input devices so I’m passing.

After Woot’s $5 shipping, it’s $40. You could pick up a new one at Amazon for only $10 more, with free prime/super saver shipping.

edit: Oh, cool! Discover cardholders can even get free overnight shipping at Amazon

I guess this is mandatory for playing Day Z. In for one.

think i have to get one to match my Naga epic mouse and Lycosa keyboard

I… i want one, even though i already have a belkin n52te… but this would match all my razerstuff… just because that logo… it would match my lycosa, naga, megalodon,and vespula… someone snap me out of it. stop me

Not buying one, as I already have it, but just chiming in to say that this thing rocks. Bought the “original” pre-Razer version from Belkin several years ago and it finally crapped out last year, long after the button labels wore off. Thankfully, Razer left the overall design intact and just added some nice touches, like the blue backlight and the all-black color scheme.

It may seem like there aren’t enough buttons, but remember that you’ve got the thumb switch, which essentially lets you rotate through 8 “sets” of buttons without moving your hand.

Which I find near impossible to utilize without smacking the other directions

Have one of the older models - the N50 - and it’s awesomesocks.

For those who don’t know, the buttons are programmable. And I mean REALLY programmable. I used to have paragraph-long taunts on mine, on the Green Shift. Oh yeah, there are different ‘shift’ modes, indicated by the LEDs under that ‘spacebar’ thumb button, making for a hideous number of keys. You could probably even convert it into a one-handed typing system if you tried really, really hard.

I thought it was called sellout because they partnered with Yahoo, and that it was a tongue in cheek reference to them having sold out.

Yep. Same as today’s item as far as I can tell. Just more expensive.

IIRC, when it was on sale last time on tech.woot, the price on Amazon was 59.99. Seems like everybody’s lowering their prices.

And I thought Woot was a one deal a day website. A lot of definitions on woot changed in woot 4.0