Razer Nostromo Gaming Keypad

I have one. It’s awesome for playing FPS games, as long as you’re willing to spend a few minutes configuring it for each game. Very comfortable and useful.

I’m wondering if they’ll have these again during the next woot off and I can try to sort-of save 5 bucks shipping, cause I know I’ll end up buying more stuff then.

I know 5 bucks sounds like being cheap but I already have the model from before it was Razer… the analog stick would be an upgrade to the old cross pad, but I don’t really need it.

I guess I’m kind of trying to justify buying another one.

It’s missing like the entire alphabet

Really? I’ve been ogling this thing for a while bit I feel like there would only be enough keys for basic movement. Where would you bind the number keys?

If you use the analog stick for movement, it would free up the keys.

And if you had a Razor Naga in the other hand, the number keys would be taken care of. heheh

I have had one of these since when they were made by Belkin as the n52. I used it in combination with my naga, which means I only touch my keyboard for text chat when I’m playing. I actually can’t think of any game that I don’t have a key map for. Tied into the Synapse Razer software, which keeps your keymaps stored, it’s an amazing piece of gaming gear.

Also, there are more than sixteen keys available because of the switchable key mapping. You can use the scroll wheel in an MMO, for example, to switch between your hotkey bars, essentially allowing you to access every single spell/ability you have.

Comfort-wise, it’s easy on the hands (I have medium sized hands…or so the spousal unit says) and I’ve used this for up to six hours at a stretch during some marathon gaming sessions.

You can set up to 3 keys to be a “color shift” which can be either pressed or toggled to change the functions of the other keys. I’ve found the directional pad is excellent for this because its easy to hold up down, left or right while simultaneously pressing another key. This gives you a potential of 63 customizable buttons + a scroll wheel. In addition, any of these can be set up to run a macro that can also be set to toggle and repeat until pressed again. I have the older version, but from what I’ve read this can do all that and more.

Well, it was $35.99 ($3 more) in August:

$7 more at $39.99 during a June wootoff:

and I don’t know the price in July on Tech woot, but over 130 comments including video (some comments were for the commeration of Tech Woot then). I’m not going to post old comments yet:

Product webpage:

Product support page for Mac:

and page to download the master guide:

and Windows:

and page to download the master guide:


I won a prototype Nostromo in a contest a few years ago, back when Belkin was making them (you know it came from R&D when the drivers are on a CD-R :slight_smile: ). Good at what it does, but it can’t be swapped to right-hand use and non-WASD gamers will have a hard time making use of it. That lack of configurability is kind of a shame because the key macro functionality would make a kickass mouse replacement for developers and graphic artists.

Unless they’ve toned them down the mode LEDs are very bright and will light up the whole room…not so good if you’re living in a dorm as I was.

Good info.

But what I really meant was the shipping fee… since I’d probably be buying other things during the woot off.

Gotcha. No inside info, but it’s been available already at one woot-off, so I’d guess the odds are decent (not great) it’ll show up at another woot-off. My 2 cents.

Just wanted give an FYI since a lot of people seem to be mentioning the “analog stick.” The Nostromo does not have an analog stick. What it has is basically the cross pad with a analog stick-like nub sticking out of it. It kind of simulates the function of an analog stick, but it is definitely not an analog stick. Its all digital control.

I didn’t realize that.

There’s a setting in the configuration software now to dim the LEDs as low as 10%, and a switch on the bottom to shut them off outright.

The nub can also be popped off to reveal the 8-way D-Pad, but yes, it’s an 8-way D-Pad and not an analog stick. Keybinds, keymaps, and macros can also be mapped to these 8 directions, making great “Panic” buttons in games.

I believe it isn’t a true analog stick, but the cross pad with the stick on it.

Did they implement the macro feature into the Razer drivers? It was the lack of macros that kept me from buying this model, but I haven’t kept up with it to see if they ever fixed the driver. I own two N52s, one I’m using and another sits new in the box in my closent for when that one wears out. I’ve also purchased two others to give to gamer relatives.

The macro feature is very important to me, it is incredibly useful. In Stalker, for example, I use one to crouch which allows me to strafe right and left or move forward or back while remaining in the crouched position, and also hit another key to crouch lower without holding down two buttons at the same time.

As far as using the keypad on the N52 for forward and back and strafing left and right I do use it for that. It actually works better than my keyboard because the keys are lined up, not offset like the ones on my keyboard.

Edit to add after reading the specs and a quick google it appears macros have been added. I’m in for one.

Can’t game without it.
I use it for FPS and MMOs… currently using it to kill you in GW2.

I got this off of Woot! a few months ago. Yes there is a macro feature in the driver. You can record a sequence and then bind it to a key (with or without pauses).

By the way I love it. I use it in Battlefield 3. I’m not sure why, but it really helped me with vehicles. On foot things are pretty much like on the keyboard.

The only issue with it is the nub to help guide your fingers is on what generally translates to the “s” key (08) in FPS. Since this isn’t a key you naturally rest on it is easy to get your fingers on the wrong keys. The nub really should be ont he “w” key (03). I may have glue something to it or carve it somehow.