Razer Orochi Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse

Razer Orochi Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse


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    1 Razer Orochi Gaming Mouse w/ Bluetooth & 4000dpi 3G Laser Sensor

$70 on amazon.

I bought one!! <3

It’s the first mouse that I have seen that is dual mode. Wired and wireless. Interesting.

Ugh if only I didnt buy a Razer mouse last month… This one is half price and you wont be disappointed with the quality they offer.

OMG TEH EPIC WOOT!!! no sux0r5!!

I’ve been waiting for this to come up on woot! for months.

In for one!

And I was just about to by the microsoft mouse that goes on sale on newegg midday for the same price.

im starting to think maybe 4 am isnt the best time to stalk a wootoff

First post here! And officially my first woot! as well.

I love me some wootoff’s!!! Its best cause I work third shift. So basically I’m getting paid to wootoff.

Oh crap, this mouse is gonna take forever!

Official website:


Original price $80

These always seem to happen when I have an exam the next day. They definitely make staying up all night to cram a lot more bearable =)

third shift in a bait shop? sounds intriguing…

Please put a super nice gaming keyboard up next so I may purchase it and then retire to the veranda for some tea


[QUOTE=mightycone, post:16, topic:311015]
WOOT! WOOT! WOOT!!![/quote

u from Austin brah1?

way to find the silver lining in getting zero sleep!

In the same boat, getting paid to woot…and my calc homework, blah. Rather woot.

This is a great mouse if your a gamer, i never owned my own, but a friend had one and i used it a few times. If I could afford anything right now id buy this right away. It frees up a USB port so its great for mac laptops which lack in that department.