Razer Orochi Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Razer Orochi Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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oh good, it looks like there are a thousand of these

Just a fair warning. It’s made for notebooks, so it’s very small compared to most “gaming” mice.

Still rocking the last Razer mouse I bought of Woot. I find Razer always makes quality products.

Evidently I need a different tracker site besides wooter.us. Anyone have any ideas?

I know that the Orochi is a great mouse, but can someone vouch for how it works refurbished?

Not to mention ambidextrous. Having used a right-hand contoured mouse for a… long time, ambi mice just don’t feel quite right anymore.

I have a Naga, which is awesome. Can’t say anything about that one in particular.

This sale has left many Wooters speechless.

I will let you know how I like this. Ordered one from moofi.woot. It should be here tomorrow.

I got an Imperator and a Cacharias in the last wootoff, both have been working fine with no problems for me~

Refurbs tend to be more reliable than most new products, or at least in my experience. All that extra testing to make sure they work.

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Let us have our fun. It gets a little dull refreshing the same page constantly.

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Oh cool! That is when the item will sellout too!

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