Razer Orochi Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Razer Orochi Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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$64 on Amazon.


Excellent but sensitive mouse, a gamer’s mouse as you gamers know.

Wow, these things on kids woot are freaking me out. they seem a little TOO alive.



Impulse to buy… so… strong… have… too… many… mice…

I’m not a gamer, but my friends who game keep telling me that the Razer Lachesis is better when it’s wired…perhaps that’s why this one is here, yet again, for the THIRD YEAR in a row?

Just sayin’.

Would this be a good mouse for detailed Photoshop work?

The Orochi is more for laptops. It’s compact but fat (Maybe phat? Depends on your outlook, I would say) mouse, definitely the kind that most people would be using for a laptop.

I have this mouse. The wireless started acting up a few months after I bought it, plugged in the wire to it, works flawlessly and I like it’s ergonomics.

Don’t do it…climb down from the edge…

just what i need…a refurbed mouse. not.

its got a cool tramp stamp if that counts…

Does it require batteries when using it wired…?

I bought this gaming mouse, but it didn’t do a thing for my poker game. :frowning:

thanks for talking me down :slight_smile:

Just discovered woot yesterday, do they not ship to Canada?

Maybe, after three years, they’ll just start putting them in random baggiesofcrap. Then those of us who don’t care can trade them with those of you who do care…for something we want :slight_smile: