Razer Piranha Gaming Stereo Headphones

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

Refurbished Razer Piranha Gaming Stereo Headphones, for $39.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Razer Piranha Gaming Stereo Headphones

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will this thing work with my PS3?

I would hold out for the 5.1 headphones for the price difference… just you wait, they’ll be back… they always come back.

will this work with my ps3??

What is the USB connector for?

The USB is what powers the little blue LEDs inside the headphones to glow the razer logo, that is all it does, you can’t use the USB for audio.

I just read a review that states you can use this thing with either the usb or the 3.5 plugs, but THEN states that the USB is just for the lights. You are right gnarf.


whaaaaaaaaaaat… you just saved me brother if your info is correct… and it is… it is up as the quality post… !!.. that was one reason I was thinking to buying it!!.. the USB powers the LED’s and not used for Audio.!! thats the height innovative design !!

The official page of RAZER Piranha also does not talk anything about USB or even show USB on the page.


We don’t need no sticking cords!

quote from review on pickyassgamer.wordpress.com

great design the only bad thing is that it takes up a USB for lighting … why didn’t they just tie the Audio and the USB adapter all in to 1 universal plug less plugs and less wires.

These headsets have gotten very good reviews, the mic in particular seems to be excellent, I decied to buy the fata1ty headset based on the reviews, I’m happy with that one, very comfortable, superb audio & mic, with the exception of the queer fatal1ty logos, its almost perfect.

This is a decent headset if you need a new one, you won’t go wrong but keep in mind the usb just makes the lights go on, though I think it might also power the noise canceling unless thats a software rendering feature.

Couple of reviews.



refurbed = someone else’s earwax, but maybe it will light up yellow an be easier to clean off…thoughts to ponder…

just a question. open to anyone. did anyone ever see any earwax on refurbed headphones? i’m getting tired of seeing earwax 100 times per page


Im very happy with the Piranha’s. One of the downsides was the price, but for 40 bucks that isnt a problem

If this is true, and it appears that it is, the designers of this product should be shot. Knowing that these headphones have this incredibly stupid feature is enough to keep me from buying them, no matter how good they sound. Talk about a useless “feature” which wastes a USB port!!!

No, it will only work with Simmp5’s ps3.

No, it will only work with ringgoldrocker’s ps3.

Refurbished usually means that another company was contracted to repair certain things (anything outside of that goes back to the manufacturer) electronically and cosmetically.
There would be no earwax on it, it would not pass qc.
This does not mean that refurb is always just as good as new, it’s not, but it’s not going to break when you look at it either.

earwax… yum!

If you are really worried about earwax, you can always shell out the money for these Klipsch Headphones. They come with an earwax removal tool.