Razer Pro Click Mobile Bluetooth Mouse

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Razer Pro Click Mobile Bluetooth Mouse
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Razer Pro Solutions Pro Click Mobile Bluetooth Notebook Mouse

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Can the center button be programmed to do certain things? Or is it just a scroller?

how long do the batteries last?

I got these from a few wootoff’s ago, these are excellent mice, i highly recommend them, the batteries don’t drain as you think they would, i’m on month 3 without a change of battery (2AA)

Buy a mouse, get a free dice bag!

egads. can’t believe razer made these…

Didnt know razer made mice this - um…casual.

does anyone know if this mouse will have any latency? ive noticed with other wireless mice that there is a noticeable latency.

In depth review:

Around $40-45 at Amazon and Dell


so-so reviews

I do need a new mouse for my laptop and a Razer one would be nice. If the pink was hot pink, I’d be all over that. Now to decide if I want black or red.

Mainly interested since it’s regularly $59.99.

ETA - But it seems fairly meh from reviews I read. Might just stick with my MS Notebook 4000 mouse. Although it eats batteries for breakfast… first lunch, second lunch, first dinner, second dinner and dessert.

It’s a middle button like most scroll mice have. Not sure if that’s considered programmable, there’s no software included for such anyway.

It definitely doesn’t look like a gaming mouse. It only has the two buttons and the scroll wheel, and is only 1200 dpi.

Official Razer Site

is this comfortable for someone with big hands (I mean big enough to hold a basketball from the top with one hand big)?

detail video review.

EEEEEEEK!!! mice

jumps up on table

Anyone got an idea of the typical range of these things? Can I use it across a room for my media center pc?

Does anyone know the range of these, as in how far away they can be from the computer and still control it?

Edit: Amazing, pg318 above must have posted this question only seconds before I did.