Razer Pro Click Mobile Bluetooth Mouse

using one now, from the last woot. great response, great feel. blutooth connected with no issues. best wireless mouse i’ve had.

mboverload saves the day with a previous woot

I have one of these in black. I like it; small but comfortable; portable. Pairs with my desktop, laptop, and PS3.

using a red one at the moment works great and will work with a mac for those who might ask (not using one but it will work) the pulsating light on it is cool also and comes with a nice pouch.

Just gotta say these smaller mice are great for kid hands.

these are super cute…love the feminine colors!! better than the usual black!

You wont be sorry. I got one the last time they had it here and it is perfect.

I have black one from woot, and have had no problems with it. It is small, yet doesn’t feel small in your hand, feels really good. The Razer snakes logo glows blue on and off which I think is pretty cool. Also, comes in a nice box, and with nice batteries lol.

Review at CNET

Note that this does not come with a Bluetooth dongle. Your computer must have a Bluetooth transceiver already for this to connect.

2 bucks here

“to click or not to click, perhaps to draw…”
oops sorry, deals.woot had me practicing Shakespeare.

These are pretty good… check out this video review on Youtube!

So…will this work with my iPad?

How can I tell if my computer is able to use this mouse?

Edit: See post by mboverload below

if it’s jail broken and you have the mouse drivers from cydia it will!

posted from my iPad

What does a bluetooth adapter cost ? $3 ?

If you feel like spending $2, you can get a Bluetooth dongle over at sellout.


I’m using a Bluetooth dongle and mouse on my netbook. It seems to have faster response time than the USB wireless mouse I used before that.

Support at Razer Website