Razer Pro|Tone m250 Earphones – 2-Pack



Razer Pro|Tone m250 Earphones – 2-Pack
$19.99 + $5 shipping

1 Razer Pro|Tone m250 Earphones (White)
1 Razer Pro|Tone m250 Earphones (Black)

Happy new years everyone… heres the froogle link!


not what i was expecting, are these any good?


Awesome, bought 3 of these from a store, great product.


I have one of these and I really recommend it!


Happy New Year Everyone… Looks like woot is starting slow this year.




Bought one of these a few weeks ago for $9.95 on woot…they are simply fantastic. If I needed more, I’d be on this in a second. Don’t hesitate if you need headphones.

The airplane adapter works very well, and the sound is great out of my iPod, as well.


The best headphones i have ever gotten, no lie! buy buy buy!


Not what I was hoping for on New Years Eve…but hopefully everyone is partying adn having fun and not checking the woot like me. Happy New Years!!


epinions review


Glad it is 2 fer Tuesday…I just happen to have two ears! Happy New Year Woot!


at least they look kool…and you get 2 of them.
twice as much crap for the dollar spent.


I bought a pair th last time they were up. They are pretty good. I use them when I fly and I fly a lot.


Wooted two of these @ $9.99 apiece on 11/25/2007. Gave one to my wife for Christmas & kept one for myself. This is a great price and these got great reviews. If I had a reason to buy more, I would, but the cats & dog don’t need headphones!


Since getting screwed out of the Monster Surround Sound Gaming Speaker System, New years just is not the same.


Hmm… I guess I’m in for an order.

I need something to take with me to the gym for running.


I have these. Even those they call them “Pro”, they are just basic headphone. They aren’t any good than those headphones you can buy for around $10


Happy new year woot!. :wink:

Got a pair of these last time they were on. Not great headphones, but good for the price IMO.