Razer Pro|Type Multimedia Keyboard with iPod Dock



Does it work with Mac?


ahhhh… its so white and pretty!


cool, creative, and useful. Nice.


Those F keys on the side look like they could become a problem.


All I see on my screen is white with a black square. Are they selling something tonight?


I’ve never had a problem with Razer stuff before. Can’t decide if I should get this or not.




white keyboards get to dirty too quick.
and i bet you have both a keyboard right now and legos.
guess it could be partially usefull if you broke your keyboard and ipod cable.


would be nice if it worked with my poo brown zune…


So does this thing just charge the iPod and transfer data or does it allow for playback through speakers. I am confused.


This keybaord is too white.


MADTV should ad that to there list along with the IRACK and the IRAN… pos


its overpriced as far as im concerned. screw it. i can find a cheaper one using froogle


Am I blind??? Which IPods is this keyboard set up for?


if it is transferring data that means that itunes can detect it and therefore play the songs on the ipod


you get what you pay for


It’s about $85 on Amazon, so this is a decent but for anybody needing this, not me tho’. Time for bed!


Is this mac compatible? (with the hot keys and such)
my g15 doesn’t work with my mac :frowning: so i just want to know if this keyboard would have the same issue


Yeah, way overpriced for what it does… $50 seems like the price you’d find in your local Ripoff Shack, not on Woot!